Colonel Tal Carmel Office as Commander of the Division West

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

Colonel Carmel changed the role Colonel Roy Barry, eight Division Commander. Nadav, unadulterated Zit popping, Commander Brig. Gen. 80th: “chemical terrorism challenges”

תאריך: 27/12/2012, 12:56    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The Brigade West broke yesterday (Wednesday) the first headquarters, Colonel Roy Barry, in a ceremony in the presence of the OC Southern command, Tal Russo. The command of
The Division received Colonel Tal, who in previous served as division officer אג”ם.

“The past year was a very challenging year and twists, the Arab spring which redesign the structure of States and terrorist regimes around us and challenges which in his own,” said the Commander, Brig. Gen. 80th nadav unadulterated Zit popping. “These events changed the deployment of army in the sector and in particular on 80th.

Colonel Barry’s excited about leaving the Brigade West after commanding her since its inception, the new Brigade. “This year we’ve moved a long way from doing much good in all areas”, said Colonel Barry. “Many challenges are facing the enemy, we wait, and we must prepare for all possible scenarios. I think a good base and created Division – is one that will allow the construction process and the regimental sector handles, while providing the best solutions
The security challenges we face. “

“The Division has done a tremendous way of ROI,” said OC Southern command, “the damnedest thing this sector is the connection between the army and other security systems. Like
Yes, refer to the champion came in and said “you have a lot to do with building.
Division, and you can do it. No doubt the Division to meet all challenges.

“We live around operational body of the operational demands of us and we each Commissioner job standards that are required,” said Colonel Carmel. “Soldiers and commanders –
For us the challenge to continue to protect and towns residents in sector, continue to streamline
Operational effectiveness “.


Translated from Hebrew