Colonel Yoav yarom was appointed commander of the Samaria Brigade

טקס החילופים, היום. צילום: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Colonel yarom replaces in the Colonel Nimrod Aloni who came to study u.s. Colonel Aloni said the exchanges because “the West will never go to bed until the clock runs out Tin”

תאריך: 17/05/2012, 17:00    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

After two years of command of one of the most complex and cutouts in the Judea and Samaria area, breaking up today (Thursday) Colonel Nimrod Aloni spatial Division. His successor in Office is Colonel Yoav yarom, appointed Chief of Division, in a festive ceremony at the Foundation Horon. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Chief of central command, Gen. Nitzan Alon, the main settlement and the security agencies and other gizratis. Colonel Aloni export to academics in United States.

“To be a West that never go to bed until the clock runs out. it is to be in operation in plowing and the party with the couple who married in Joseph’s Tomb,” said the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Aloni, about the complex and heavy responsibility which carries the brain so sensitive sector. “Nothing felt lonely, and oak champions and the Division Commander Mordechai assured and demanded only one thing: to question the sincerity to learn.
The lessons “.

Although relations with the settlement and the Palestinian security forces under Aloni was good and improved Tin index murderous bombing in March last year of the Fogel as clouds on the marrow out. “I failed in Itamar and chishlveni family brutally murdered, there are no words to describe the sadness and frustration that I felt on the night of Saturday,” said “into operation was known after that, we decided to leave no stone unturned in awarta village. I saw the fighters don’t need motivational talks.

“Professional way manifested the hatm Samaria defense separate from Judea and Samaria Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Hagai Mordechai brains,” managed to recruit civilians and security forces, with mutual trust and esteem. Thank you for a significant period and quality. “

Brigade, Colonel yarom, the trust found the commanders. “I’m excited to get
The command of a Division, do my best to meet the mission, Colonel said. “You have the experience and expertise to lead the Division safely,” Mao noted. “but the material here is available. Lead it successfully. The soldiers and commanders, including you, you blessed him, OC Central command, Maj.-Gen. Nitzan Alon.

Colonel Yoav yarom served most recently as Commander of tactical command College team.
Colonel yarom said exceptional determination as a young officer in Sayeret Golani, where he began his career. During the unit’s staff initiated in Lebanon he was on a mine and lost his foot. Despite the challenge, he did the unthinkable and returned as a full-fledged warrior to patrol.
Later, he served as battalion 51 and the Raven. During the second intifada, hurt by gunfire on his belly. He then returned to the Golani Brigade, and served as Deputy Commander and Commander of the unit during the second Lebanon Geddes.

Translated from Hebrew