Combat fitness Makeover: target is operational competency, not medals.

Dry wing commanders involved in planning and developing programs to maintain fitness, along with representatives of the medical corps. General: this “Revolution 9 of”

תאריך: 10/04/2012, 11:45    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Dry wing fighters are required to deal with situations not simple.
They must run vest, backed up with weapons and some extra pounds on your back, all while
Keeping quiet, concentration and maximum wakefulness. To build the ultimate fighter has to worry about opening muscle mass as needed, to strengthen the capabilities of its cardio and body with nutrition that utilize energy effectively. Combat fitness medicine is one of the most complex and fascinating disciplines that nowadays, in a conference held last week at WinGate, commanders of the arm which makes each recipe detective
Combat machine oiled.

The first Conference was held in an impressive combination between representatives of medical corps exercise officers and soldiers and commanders of the various units in the arm. Among the senior report
In the case of GoC army headquarters commander, Gen. Sami turgeman, the Chief Medical Officer Brig. Gen. Itzik
Kreis and infantry officer and Chief Brigadier General paratrooper Mickey Edelstein. From early morning till afternoon heard the lectures on sports medicine, predict trends and indicators that pointed to a level of physical fitness in the army and asked and offered various suggestions for improving future.

Combat intelligence collection Corps run while pilot aims to improve bearing capacity of
Of the collection. Combat intelligence collection warriors cope during their service with equipment
Complex and heavy that they carry on their backs, and as a result of repeated orthopedic injuries in the McKinley decided to change the approach.

“The mistake was to think that running is most training

“In 2010, for example, interviews with soldiers from Lisa discovered
There’s a gap, “said רמ”ד Research Conference fitness center, major fighting two Pom.
Bush and movement in mountainous terrain with the weights not torgla enough. The mistake is to think that most commanders training training should be running. “According to the President’s surgery, weights in soldiers in exercise and activity we were able to identify problems and adjust physical training suitable for the gathering. For example, the practice of many skoot exercises. “

During תרג”ד ‘ Seagull ‘ discovered that many were injured and realized the lack of Lima between character and acquired commanding kosher,” explained the Chief combat collection, Colonel Tal Brown. “The physical damage has led to a loss of warriors and in teams. It was clear that something should be done about it. ” The change by Colonel Brown was gradual. “We realized we’re not athletes preparing for the Olympics and a medal count in 2012, and we put an emphasis on functional training, with an emphasis on steady power space The challenge was to change top commanders to realize what’s important. “

The training programmes have undergone drastic changes. “We have dedicated more time to skotim, instead of making long journeys took care to travel with. The most important thing was to understand not to our wounded soldiers. Even if he does fewer miles, at least he’ll load is optimized for operational activities and the reality it lasts “, said Colonel Brown. With the understanding that the Warriors differ in the level of their physical fitness built
The Group of fighters mamanot according to their capabilities. “It is designed not to slow down and strengthen the weak”, said Colonel Brown, “We divided the groupings by areas
And practiced every Warrior dedicated to where he belongs. “

The new plan resulted in the impressive results: drastic reduction of more than 50% of the amount of soldiers who drop out for medical reasons and duty personnel. “We discovered that Memorial” method specifies Colonel Brown. Apart from this, the school of combat collection is complete until July 2012 dedicated gym fit functionally. “They practice the training in the gym,” the Commander of the school of combat collection, noted that “the unique fitness in appropriate
In the platoon practise together. As the IDF website, will explain to the gym adjacent also to physical therapy to enable quick restoration of injured. “The wounded host and custom program can continue to exercise alongside their peers and create class with gap,” explained.

Additional lectures conducted additional data and future plans were revealed. Among the data encouraging Ballet especially change in awareness of GoC army headquarters in orthopedic fields. The 1980s decreased the percentage of effort in the establishment of qualifications of the arm from 33% to 4%. The trend also recently decided to reduce travel nausea beret and put them emphasis on kosher Warriors: carrying more weights and dealing with problem areas. In other developments, IDF had begun physiotherapy when referred to the new coming of the various units. In the Geddes Golani conversion opened last week, and called the next year will include physiotherapy centres in her Navy, in which shizafon 8.

“There is no such thing as no fighter in combat shape.”

“Medical corps had a dilemma whether to do a joint Conference, said at the end of
Insert the main medical officer, Brig. Gen. Itzik Kreis. “The control arm, you knew I was coming from a different point, convinced me how important it is to combine. I’m glad insistence, I think we learned here and we raise a notch. ” Brig. Gen. Kreis emphasized that “we must realize that we are dealing with a unique medicine, Kombat. “We’re moving into combat and to medal. The Warrior is not the athlete he hasn’t slept properly, food
Accordingly no sights too exposed. There are diseases that are related only to the fighters and handle mental health and Physiology comprising “.

“Just looking at the ground I think revolution, said the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Gen. Sami turgeman,” there is a lot of awareness and action officers command level and below in the field. We have much more to do and we rest on
Laurels. We must continue to aspire to the highest professional level and to grind the wheel that eventually affects the operational result.

“There is no such thing as no fighter in combat shape, set the control arm, which emphasized that” we must keep fighting abilities to exercise themselves with psychological and physical-fitness
A world of expertise. Experts know that combat prowess of a different armor such as artillery and fighter difference between trunk required what is required of Bombardier Bombardier compartment. Therefore, some
Match each what he needs. It should also be remembered that cannot build a day, especially in the world of digitization and someday make him a warrior in combat. Just graduated and consolidated training we can lead the best soldier. “

“The military profession is the result,” concluded Maj. Gen. turgeman, “land Warrior results never encounter difficulties: the weather, climbing, descending, according to terrain or vegetation; You can’t talk about a pro fighter regardless of these factors in his
The combat. When it comes to combat, there is nothing to talk about it-just do it. “

Translated from Hebrew