Combat intelligence collection Corps bring considerable improvements in the ttzpithnit did

Alongside the improvement in terms of service, such as air-conditioned חמ”לים diet
The Corps, pour more soldiering to bcryot land Israel border collection-Egypt

תאריך: 10/11/2011, 18:26    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Last July before combat intelligence collection Corps Jolt after it was discovered that four ttzpithnit turned off monitors during many hours of protest did. The Corps remains indifferent to the event and gave company commanders Conference, held this month in tzrifin, constant concern for men.

As part of the projects presented and the hands to improve the terms of ttzpithnit, which should significantly ease the intensive retreat in front of the sensors. Besides the Panel in front of Ombudsman, Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak brick, combat intelligence collection officer Brigadier General Eli Pollak and Chief Commander of the cement, Col. Ricky NIR senior officers explained about the importance of standing up to the last bacshva the privates. Toward the end the weapons were discovered in the new Convention will enter into force and also introduced a new role
Soldiering: in collecting land, will the manpower situation ה’מרס ‘.

חמ”לים air conditioned, comfortable chairs and a diet rich in energy.

Already in the coming months will improve the conditions of service of ttzpithnit. First, all sectors barriers related to medical services cells work.
Within no longer than 50 feet. Along with this will air in every room and new Chairs will work with DOM feet. In addition, all חמ”ל will be milky and kitchenette with a diet consisting of meat specifically for the needs of an array. Pilot of dedicated food
Has already been tested in Gaza and was successful, and he applied for a while in the other situation.
Nutrition healthy and rich in energy and can cook and reheat it in kitchens, and it fits especially to girls.

As published in IDF site, pilot of the diet has been tested and confirmed, designed for specialised squads of warriors to help soldiers carrying the heavy weights on their backs.
Selected food meant to help build muscle mass, and with the planned weight relief new carriers, and a friendly purchase soon specialised squads fighters may feel a significant improvement in congestion.

With all the changes going into the ttzpithnit comes soon aesthetic aims to improve morale. To increase the motivation for service in the fleet.
And strengthen the connection together designed the mask ..: a winged telescope. The PIN was introduced and regiments commanders soon become an integral part of every ABC of soldiering.

In the land collection ranging from 2012

In riding to significant acquisitions planned. ה’מרס (multi sensory system) Elbit has already been experimenting with ttzpithnit within the company and in early 2012 should open חמ”ל ‘ March” first cut “Hourglass” (Israel-Egypt border). Elaborate system is a great concept change for combat intelligence collection Corps regarding work in space because it covers a wider area and synchronizes means
Many technologies such as. The ה’מרס can automatically notify penetration
And suspects on the ground and jump to that system.

For the use of the new ב’מרס opened, in land collection (CA), this point consists of the airmen was ttzpithnit course last September and found. Later the extent even before the draft, accept will be different and separate training course to teach them the secrets of the innovative system. The first will accept to meet with the medical establishment in 2012.

“The bkrit was born from the need to break through the glass ceiling of soldiering,” the IDF site combat intelligence collection officer, Brig. Gen. Eli Pollak. “But it’s a technological opportunity there was in the past. Elbit has developed technological system that allows to collect wide area cell in a unique way “, said Brig. Gen. Polk.

“The Chief sets out broad priorities. When you have find a jump system
Automated messages according to priority. Say: If there’s a task close to the fence with fear of invasion are many warning messages and bkrit you will need to refer to. The bkrit will investigate the incident.

Accept function is divided into two parts: one of the monitors and the other information.
“The monitors there shortly to decide whether suspected something tricky and she takes him to a researcher”, said קאס”ר,” large contribution is actually the ability to control the very area Chamber
With fewer girls and not a limitation of means. For the sake of the exercise on the ה’מרס will חמ”ל ‘ Mars ‘ trainer is suitable for collecting combat school in patrolling, alongside the ttzpithnit coach. Coach become familiar surroundings for help and accept
To learn the sophisticated system.

Towards the end of the day there was a Panel on the importance of caring for junior troops.
“Soldiers who lost the trust you have extremely low motivation and want to leave,” said officers from Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak brick, Ombudsman. “Soldier.
Who loses faith in its not will follow later in life danger situations. Commanders,
You have to look in the eye and make the world, of course, legally up to the army to resolve the problems, “he said.

Translated from Hebrew