Combat intelligence collection Corps raises the Warriors ‘ Riflery

Combat intelligence collection Corps combat, though: the level of array Riflery Canal from the recruitment cycle close April 5 for Riflery Riflery. “The higher level operations Riflery, explain in

תאריך: 14/09/2011, 16:29    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Riflery-level fighters collecting habits and combat the iachm warriors (intelligence unit targets) come from the nearest recruitment cycle from April to September. This is a symbolic move than practical, since it has been to date the training level of the fighters standing on the perimeter. To raise previous jobs down, Riflery and combat intelligence collection Corps hope the move will encourage out of another force under guy of Manila.
“The need
The space operations requires them higher level Riflery, “IDF site head, kosher and Lieutenant Colonel Alicia Vogel. “They actually are a Rifleman 05 and undergo proper training. But until now it hasn’t been regulated under the right level. Combat intelligence collection Corps began to discuss raising a Rifleman before several months.
“We made staff work which aims to examine the qualification required in the operational regiments and battalions. Very quickly we realized that the required level of Riflery.

The certificates on the transformation already received תוא”ר Department (planning and organization), infantry and paratroopers headquarters and other factors in the arm.

The Rifleman 05 fundraising cycle will close in November. At ACE hope increasingly will serve to select combat intelligence collection Corps also due to the nature of its operations. “I believe it will increase motivation among recruits. Kiva Lieutenant Colonel Vogel.
“It will not change the terms that are already on this level of service.

As noted, about three months ago was the first time the IDF website that as of November 2011 are incremented several recruiting cycles to build Corps: recruitment cycle in one year three recruitment cycles during two years. “All I hear high satisfaction from it. In time combat intelligence collection officer, Brig. Gen. Polk.

Translated from Hebrew