Combat intelligence collection Corps recruit parents too.

From the roles collection for combat fighters participated in informational Conference, along with their parents, to dispel the fears and to the role of the future

תאריך: 12/02/2013, 16:27    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Every soldier knows the concerns surrounding pre-trial period IDF major excitement mixed with fear about the boot camp, the people serve and the role which will eventually. For tailoring the questions warfare roles are different. As regards the environment, it’s not obvious what these girls are warriors. In order to calm some of those girls, and especially the parents shackled, held today (Tuesday) the Convention designed to combat role fighters gathering in “them”.

“The Conference was held to benefit the parents because the role that need support, which is important in a long route”, explained to the IDF website, surge Brigade headquarters company
Warriors consisting only of the IDF unit Capt. Dana Khalid. “We want to expose them as much as possible and give them the opportunity to get answers to questions that arise
Them, “she says. In addition, stressed at the Conference the subject of nutrition and physical fitness.
“It is important to calm the girls about physical training, many girls come with change.
Motivation and injure themselves to get in shape before the draft, “said Capt. Khalid.

It also conducted a panel where collection fighters heard Soloman recruitment experiences, these positions do combat and received the opportunity to ask questions. “The goal is to hear about the role from the viewpoint of the fighters that actually do the job every day,” Captain Khalid.  “Awesome service, told one of the women,” prospective, this is hard and painful, but we didn’t give up on it. “

At the Conference the Deputy Battalion Commander, Maj. yogev Netzer, who told them about the threats.
Facing the battalion and the expansion a. In addition, women in the squadron headquarters is also carrying things and explained to prospective rights and the importance of women in combat roles.

Translated from Hebrew