Combat squadrons of the air force trained for international exercise

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Air Force troops have completed evaluations for exercise “blue flag” to be held this year and will include cooperation with foreign air forces

תאריך: 03/01/2013, 17:14    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

‘ Red flag ‘: this week was a large-scale exercise of the Israeli air force as ‘ blue flag ‘ in the fact base country. The exercise is based on the flag of Malhotra is all over Williams workshop the United States air force, in which dozens of aircraft
The bloody American air battles in Nevada sky.

Apart from exercising the powers, the exercise is designed to prepare the force for ‘ blue flag ‘, which will take place this year and will include cooperation with foreign air forces. In addition to pilots.
, Joined the aviation shows also air force officials, including Mayor Brig. Gen. amikam norkin, formation, and air force Chief of staff, Brig. Gen. Hagai topolnsky.

During the exercise, share the various squadrons ‘ red ל’מדינה blue ו’המדינה,
When the purpose of the Blue State is attacking various destinations in the country, defended the exercise: the Flying Dragon Squadron. This Squadron, which is also known as ‘ pilot
The Red is a training squadron, in fact, the aim is to train pilots battle hosted at the base. They are flying in the same air forces of enemy countries, and tiisia are among the best in the fleet, since the role to train other pilots.

Combat squadrons of the air force trained for international exercise

Practice this week. Photo: air force

Practice the amount of personnel on exercise, changed the squadron. “Usually our main goal usually is to challenge a squadron maximally front, but extensive exercise as it is the main objective is that all the actors and forces. We just leave that rope and lands without doing anything, “explains major opens, Deputy Commander of the squadron.

Major opens explains that the squadron took its difficulty level to allow everyone to practice: “one of the planes was about to attack the blue one of the destinations for the Red ב’מדינה, and I had a great opportunity to knock them out and paralyze the Mets. I didn’t do it to allow everyone to participate and learn from the exercise.

Sounds ambitious, and he was quick to apologize for bragging, but it seems the Red Squadron has reason to boast. “A squadron consisting of experts,” says Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the Scorpion Squadron “Training with them always raise our level, they
Challenges in front of us that we are not dealing with them in everyday practice.
The squadron made many ל’כחולים surprises, they should deal with them in real time and without prior notice.

Other key partners are at the control unit controls the air to monitor air traffic. “We combine your current exercise control at maximum exercise form, said Colonel (Ret.) Azam shaya, former Commander control units
Airstrikes. “One of our goals is strengthening cooperation between the personnel control, and therefore we are conducting joint investigations at the end of the Mets.

“Our goal is to improve the operational relationship to real cases, we rely on our character,” said the Corps, Brig. Gen. Hagai רמ”ט topolnsky.

Translated from Hebrew