Coming soon: advanced first-aid kit for IDF fighter

The new kits include tourniquet advanced, easy-to-use ear plugs, goggles sterilizers and durability

תאריך: 08/01/2013, 13:21    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט”ל

His brother’s keeper. “assessment”, named after the Medical Corps program to 2020 is already in these days of November beginners in divisional training bases across the country. The objective of the new scheme is to provide protective quality soldiers.
Higher, using simple and effective tools to each fighter.

“My brother’s keeper. see programme complete, treatment of injuries to the hospital,” said the Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Itzik Kreis, “the number of wounded from war to war.
In decline, as the number of dead, screen but our goal is to achieve single-digit percentage. Stop bleeding on the battlefield is a way to achieve this, we emphasize
Importance of evaluation among the fighters. The check you have set in, the Medic uses a set of the soldier as he needs treatment. “

The essential part in “my brother’s keeper.” is the CAT, a tourniquet is effective and easy to use bulk operation share pillar, and became the flagship item in the field bleeding stop which is the cause of death to approximately 80 percent of the dead. Stopping the bleeding side apply
Advanced medicine in personal protection, not necessarily in new developments.

When it comes to goggles or earplugs against shrapnel, existing measures for years, but the Warriors wouldn’t find it convenient and use, and miatam and their faces may be harmed. Therefore purchased earplugs more comfortable and began examination of goggles in modern American manufacturing from purchased 43,000 items already planned larger purchase and in June 2013.  “The glasses divided the kits reach the basic recruit training and moved to any newbie”, said Lieutenant Colonel Alicia James, Chief of the Center for medical equipment.

Translated from Hebrew