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טירונים בהכשרה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Wave formation, responsible for moving the back in basic training, he decided to combine the basic obligation of chapter two uncertainties, attended all the soldiers slated to end positions

תאריך: 18/03/2012, 14:01    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

64 profile? You also have to do with the pup tent. In recent months, from about sickle, responsible for basic training and transfer of training
The from the back to basic צה”לית-chapter two of uncertainties, so that the soldiers intended to back-office functions to crawl in the dirt and learn how to find the North under the stars.

The rookies buds began in December to deliver some training cycles and budget and logistic certification later this year all rookie Riflery training February charged per night. “The change came in the bag already and will require all the rookies,” said IDF major site served Schuster, תוה”ד רמ”ד (and training) in wave.

The activity report will contain lawns daily and contains an active practice of space activities that until now were not taught or just moved in-class theory, type orientation night, finding, camouflage and relatively complex operational activities as infiltration. “The prospects are now know what it is and not just crawl in a presentation,” stressed major Schuster.

Contrary to the purpose of tironviot combat practice space capabilities is to allow skill in combat, in training for 20 points in other space activities. “We have a number of targets in the hospitality program,” said תוה”ד רמ”ד, the main goal is to allow the soldiers to face the capable and their ability to protect themselves and the environment through
Experiential activities and intensifies. Of course, as has the requirement to reach military capabilities “.

Another side whose target major Schuster is empowering the role than most classes in basic training is delivered by the Department and by long, intense advocacy of squad leader in the field with troops could strengthen significantly. “When the Commander in the field for the soldiers so active, painting the Interior and crawling with them, closing”, explained Maj. Schuster.

The program recruits anaesthetic, which also are tested in practical and theoretical exams skills, right down here giving positive feedback on the activities. “Populations and the most challenging respond very positively. There are soldiers who say they won’t start in life to survive these days, but after that they find themselves bloated with pride. Experience design consciousness. “

The new right down here plan developed by an array of dry, arm wave the unit responsible for the basic training included צה”ליות (Rifleman 02 ו03) and the training from any.

Translated from Hebrew