Coming soon: improved cartridges to assault rifles of GoC army headquarters

The new model, with fewer inhibitions, a much longer lifetime and upgrades, will lead to significant savings in the budget spent in cartridges

תאריך: 16/08/2012, 17:01    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Enhanced cartridges through Ruby’s assault: ground forces after years.
The use of aluminum cartridges, opens in the course for next-generation of cartridges. New polymer mags, presumably the relatives start received by fighters, are increasing in many hundreds of percent the lifetime of
Cartridges and feature far less restraint.

“Aluminium cartridges not durability, resulting in throwing vast amounts of over 100,000 units, and a large investment in its annual budget for buying new cartridges,” explained Maj. Gil illouz, רמ”ד small arms technology division of GoC army headquarters (חט”ל). “The combination of this with their credibility problem, causing numerous brake
The need for obtaining new cartridges for 5.56 mm ammunition.

After examining several types of cartridges (plastic, aluminum and polymer) from a variety of companies, in a long process that included laboratory experiments and decided to buy 10,000 units of CAA model first. “The goal is to bring the different cartridges for infantry forces.
To see how broadly fit cartridges on the ground, “explained Maj. illouz. “Accordingly.
To decide on the amount of recorded purchases next year, in order to increase gradually the percentage way polymer cartridge and reduce your financial investment in the field.

CAA officials on explained that the new cartridges have a variety of features that streamline functioning as the Warrior path window to see the exact number of
The balls that stayed in touch button that lets you check whether the full stack without issued
From the ephod. However, the main advantages are the stability of the stack limits drastically their open lips and significant reduces the amount of brakes, as well as the larger.

“If the previous cartridges could withstand only seven charge cycles, can resist dozens,” said רמ”ד light arms fire” actually, before we were able to stack. This is a tremendous change, leading to significant savings in the acquisition area “cartridges.
Major Iluz stresses, however, that the model of cartridges is attempting one reception and examination of other polymer produced cartridges from other companies in the industry.

Translated from Hebrew