Coming soon: more accurate detection of missiles and rockets

שיגור טיל חץ, תצלום ארכיון.

New technology system will enable enhanced detection of missiles and rockets are fired towards the State of Israel. The system, which will come into use in the near future, will help to create a more accurate assessment of the damage and reduce the false alerts

תאריך: 16/01/2013, 18:12    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל-האוויר

Two months after “pillar”, advanced air defense in another step toward improving the ability to deal with missiles and rockets. Alert alarm systems, which are responsible for detecting a steep fire-toward Israel, will be upgraded to advanced version with enhanced capabilities. The new system will allow the discovery of approximately 99% of the missiles and rockets into the country and would appreciate more precisely the area of impact.
Thanks to these capabilities are reduced false warnings, which interfere with normal life.

“The advanced system, enhanced and more efficient compared to the current system. She will give better results at all levels of play and discovery “, Maj. Ofir wallfisch, ballistic image routing Center (NAT). “This is a command and control system based on sensors, developed by industry of Azerbaijan and the IAF.
It replaces the current system.
One of the major improvements is the ability to accurately estimate the range of rocket attacks into Israel.
This capability will enable alerts, be oriented toward the collapsed areas. This reduced the number of false alerts, which are difficult for the civilians during heavy gunfire.
“We are working around the clock to give the most accurate notification,” added Maj. wallfisch and glad about any development that allows us to do our job better. “

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