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Homer, capability and close targets the aircraft staffed saved far-special forces about to descend to troops. Weaponry in רמ”ח from the” our most advanced technology in the world. “

תאריך: 13/11/2012, 15:15    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

The contemporary battlefield becomes increasingly technological. Alongside the Warriors on the ground forces moving aircraft and an unmanned ground vehicles, promising to make the debates to elaborate and sophisticated than ever, and in the aircraft models (n) of the arm, Sky Rider, don’t lag behind. At the Conference
The tools Israel’s dipens staffed held last week, among other weaponry רמ”ח of GoC army headquarters, Colonel NIR Flint, on the latest innovations in the field and
Revealed: future experiment in early 2013 will indicate that the new facility will carry the note could
To home, specify goals and targets to assist the closure also laughing stock level.

The aircraft models have received in recent years, a significant boost in the arm. Today almost no IDF battalion not accompanied on the back of the unit “,” sky racer
And later designed expansions of capabilities. “Last year we added a small note with Homer and targets,” the IDF weaponry “רמ”ח site earlier this year tested the experiment will specify. This ability saved in recent years only benefit special forces and our ambition is to be in power of each battalion, “he said.
For example, specify allow Meg himself hit with mortars of the expected targets.

“To space and far-future elsewhere.”

“In 10 years began a breakthrough in mainland” mindset,
Discovered weaponry, “רמ”ח reached by boat today mode are activated dozens of an unmanned systems in a wide range of operational missions, and we advanced in the world of running these systems. Among Colonel Flint tools specify the vehicles non-manned, operated in the Gaza Strip. “We’re the only ones in the world. Obviously it brings space operational capability, which gives a significant advantage in tasks that we perform. Some of the tasks that you perform daily forces in Gaza area very complex. ” Developing the vehicles staffed unrelenting ever. “It is true that in recent years we have been able to overcome a number of technical obstacles. We want to expand and make improvements
All space and far-future elsewhere, “he said.

“Whoever thought an unattended tools replace the fighters on the battlefield wrong”, said Colonel Flint. “There is also the human factor plays an important role, and the soldiers didn’t sit in air-conditioned rooms but continue to challenge power of the Mainland to integrate an unmanned capabilities along with the fighters,” said. “However, the forward forces, they have naturally higher risk and have low awareness of being the enemy, can be replaced by technological means,” he said.

And what future expected the unattended tools? “The process of Heather talking about it until the year 2020 these specific tools will really force multipliers”, said Colonel Flint, they perform tasks that real technology advantage over the person or the offer them today.

Translated from Hebrew