Commander: “follow the event in the South is still in progress.”

צילום ארכיון, לוחמי לוט”ר אילת באימון

Lt. Col. z, Commander of the last unit to arrive first at the Eilat attack in South, praised cooperation between Lott and who-a quick takeover of the terrorists.

תאריך: 19/08/2011, 13:43    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

“We are still in the event, the last unit forces Eilat, along with IDF forces still deployed in the field and other scanners and Hummel, as far as we are concerned-in progress”-so said today (Friday) at noon the last unit commander Col. z, Eilat, briefing reporters.

Lieutenant Colonel z was referring to the attack in the South of the country, where the last unit extinguished Eilat as the first army which was involved in the incident. Yesterday, around noon, gunfire has been reported on route 12. The unit was bouncing off and arrived within a few minutes into the event. We were greeted by a number of terrorists was and hit a three.
At this point we began to regroup and figure out who were the casualties, control back. ”
Noted Lieutenant Colonel.

Z added that “an Eilat who last worked in common” and asked to convey his condolences to the families of those killed.

The Special Unit to the panels established by veterans in the early 1970s,
Voluntary and independent response to terrorist events in the region. Complex, multiple-unit
As reservists, all graduates of combat units, which are sit in Eilat and the Southern towns of the country. Soon she was adopted by 80th Division.

89 ‘ proved the only necessary, when Jordanian troops who crossed the border into Israel took a young woman hostage in a hut in Kibbutz lotan. The IDF gave Acorn the fatal stage, skillfully eliminated the terrorist/hostage released. Since the unit has participated in many operations and actions, including takeover of enemy planes that landed in the country (as in the case of an Iranian plane in ‘ 95). In the 2000s, after continuing to prove
Itself time after time, was taking “unit and joined the exclusive list that also includes who tyre, police and Sayeret Matkal.

“In order to meet special qualification level, we are required to reserve a special structure,” explained to the IDF website, commander Lt. Col. (Ret.). For example, the reserves can last for some days until the reserve shelters a year, training unit, group and team calendars. “We call for a lot of times teams ‘ practice Friday,” smiles Sir. The Warriors, who are required to practice within independent team determine their training according to their occupational family. In addition, a pilot lot predictable without some bumps, many cases of infiltrations infiltrators from Egypt to Israel.

In our knowledge of the plorit, shoichat.

Translated from Hebrew