Commander Glenn: my warriors practice every day with a feeling of “tomorrow’s war.”

לוחמי מגלן. צילום: חנן גרינבלט, זרוע היבשה

The Special Unit Magellan strives to be a step beyond the enemy, using sophisticated weaponry and fighters from the first line: “we’re looking for the best warriors they all challenges.”

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מחבר: סמדר קרמפף, זרוע היבשה

Maglan is a special unit, a credit to its quiet successes
But great pride. Only has one purpose only – to always be one step ahead,
Beyond the enemy. A target that placing her among the professional and innovative units in the IDF.

The only route begins with the screening process. Some of them are the consolidation of the paratroopers, the d, or falling from giboshi of undercover units and successfully pass the interview. “We attach great importance to recruiting prospective suitable,” says the company’s warfare, major m. “Ultimately, we’re looking for the highest quality, you will be able to meet the conditions of the track.
Most challenging “.

“If you ask me what the Special Unit, the unit commander, Lt. Col. a,
“It’s not necessarily the most sophisticated Amal, or knowledge-but the people. Of course, the knowledge or the technology they intensify, but the fighters, their desire to learn, openness to change and their ability to adapt new abilities are what determines the nature of the unit.

The period of difficult and intensive Magellan route. It includes six months of basic training and advanced training in coming, and the only route. There are fighters and cruises
Professional completion by specialised tasks. Typically, as time passes since the beginning of military service and the Warrior “teenager”, the load should be less noticeable and reduced requirements. In reality the Ibis. The more time in the army, training requirements are getting tougher, and he needed to invest and discover much more maturity.

One of the most important places for the sake of the soldiers already in the first visit in the base unit and the constant amochnot to battle possible. This is not a cliché, and the message is passed through
Every detail. From the dining room, where relaxing is the address: “tomorrow war” over the heads of the fighters, to combat and training programs, conducted in the northern sector and built based on the latest intelligence information on the enemy. “We are talking about the Ibis war ‘ Kingdom of uncertainty. But we believe that through training can reduce uncertainty, “explains Commander of the unit. “Therefore, by the hard training we hope that once the true fighters think ‘ I’ve been in that movie, even tough it and advance to victory.

In order to bring the Warrior rookie level to control and combat fitness describe very complex, each gets its own responsibilities. While the Warriors are ranked
According to performance in weeks of training and then selected for outstanding field. “It’s not like hampk sitting and ordered all the soldiers ‘ performance based on the knowledge acquired during the army”, clarifies the control unit. “Every team has a constructor, which is the most talented and so is the bar authorities. So sit back and navigate planning and level tracks points interface with the powers responsible for the ranging equipment and conduct with the new measures, and other positions. Them turn to accept the word of any profession.
A topic related to their field of expertise “.

As the soldiers followed integrates with granting independence and confidence on the part of the commanders, shtchllat and free thought, and as a special unit, it becomes especially useful.
The Magellan trust warriors in finding a solution to problems that arise, ranging from weaponry and technology issues to combat doctrine. “One of the finest unit, Maj.
M, “is how troubleshooting, optimization suggestions, opinions, innovations and programs come from the bottom up rather than top down.

He says that when the need arises, dilemma often decide to evict the fighters themselves. “They come with so many ideas. They are, and as soon as I find a solution involving them might facilitate or protect them, their willpower. New motivation, like throwing energy-causes them to invest so much thought and attempts to formulate a solution most of the time, they find a way to overcome an obstacle much faster than we were, and we increase the sense of independence and confidence of a warrior “, adds the control unit with a smile. “Not just the single veto in quiet and safe. Ibis is committed to soldier. On the one hand there is the side of the promise. I mean the professional level where the actions are carried out. Confident in their weapon, their friends and commanders. Whereas ‘ ‘ is not just about information security and confidentiality, but also their modesty and a desire to learn, to receive and to improve all the time.

Translated from Hebrew