Commander of the 80th Regiment “Caracal” prohibit “professionally” achievement

דגל החטיבה. צילום: דו”ץ

The comments were made during a ceremony at the West Division Commander, which received Colonel Mohamed the part and replaced Colonel Tal Carmel

תאריך: 23/10/2014, 21:50    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Colonel Sattar was appointed today (Thursday) the Brigade Commander West 80th and replaced Colonel Tal, who was on duty during the past two years.  The ceremony was held at the Exchange, Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Roy 80th elkabetz.
“Changes in the Middle East including the staggering respect in the Arab world in recent years poses new challenges,” said Brig. Gen. elkabetz during the exchanges. “The country’s borders increasingly challenged in recent years. Just yesterday we received yet another reminder for the event, and the results were inconclusive. The brigade ‘ “Caracal battalion, ‘ and the other troops are preventing professional achievement and determination.”
Colonel Carmel is expected to serve as chief military tactics in the Operations Directorate. “I finished today’s role for almost two years, sector and Division is in the process of constructing continuous operational,” he said. “It’s time to formalize processes tnano the security sector, the construction Division and setting norms and standards to protect the sector.
Brigade, Colonel Cohen, has a number of operational positions at Headquarters and in the field, including Jack and Sabra bad military tactics in targeted urban.
“Prairie region is large and challenging sector, requires us to learn and prepare for any scenario that comes,” he said.  Sector develops, getting extensive national infrastructures, which will undoubtedly affect the operational realities and will require us to learn and follow closely on the properties and developments around us.

Translated from Hebrew