Commander Southern command: operation said deterrence we radical changes in the field.

Gen. Tal Russo noted that Hamas and Islamic Jihad were damaged severely during the last campaign and that “on the ground itself has a total space. Haven’t seen that in any operation

תאריך: 27/11/2012, 17:17    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Southern Command Chief, Gen. Tal Russo, today (Tuesday) for achievements in operation “pillar” and claimed that “the change as a result of the operation is.
Very strong deterrent. Expected to trail of rockets and missiles even after the cease-fire, but it didn’t happen. “

The assessment of Gen. Rousseau, “in Gaza, Hamas and understand Islamic Jihad very hardest in the current operation. The area itself has absolute quiet. Haven’t seen that in any operation.

Gen. Rousseau noted that following the truce achieved last week, the southern command engagement procedures, where required Hamas to thwart himself firing squads.
In this context the General Russo “has good reason to want to prevent Hamas firing squads.

Southern Command Chief noted to praise the cooperation between the various factors that acted during the operation. “Synchronizing all levels, including in the air force, Navy, home front command and em if the realities on the ground change we know well what to do. I stress not used all the tools available to us, “he said. Meanwhile, Gen. Rosso noted that southern command began today to conduct a thorough investigation of the operation, in which participants from the corporations and senior officers.

Translated from Hebrew