Commanders and soldiers will visit the homes of survivors

דובר צה”ל

The sixth year “for” Flower project, in which commanders and soldiers will visit the homes of about 15,000 Holocaust survivors, will reveal to the testimonies and transfer the IDF name recognition national contributions

תאריך: 07/04/2010, 21:01    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Flower project “exploitation” visit starting tomorrow until Memorial Day.
HaShoah commanders and soldiers from all flanks and the troops in the homes of about 15,000 Holocaust survivors.

The project takes place in the sixth year in a row in cooperation of the IDF, Welfare Fund for victims of the Holocaust in Israel and the claims Conference. This important project will take some 15,000 soldiers and commanders, including 28 senior officers (Colonel and above) headed by Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi.

During the visit, revealed the officers and soldiers for the testimonies of survivors and transfer the IDF and the State of Israel called the message of gratitude and recognition of the victory and personal and national contributions to the resurrection of the State of Israel. The officers and the soldiers give the survivors a combination flower identification, as a link between the IDF and Holocaust survivors.

IDF sees great importance in deepening the education to instill this important component of Holocaust Memorial
Even education gives to his troops and used as a means of strengthening the sense of belonging of the Jewish soldier to the State of Israel and the IDF.

In a special letter passed to soldiers participating in the project wrote Zeev factor, Chairman of the Welfare Fund for Holocaust victims in Israel, a Holocaust survivor who survived Auschwitz camp: “number of Holocaust survivors by day waning. We must remember and never forget the Holocaust, to ensure that every human being knows what happened 70 years ago. Even today some people assign
Unlimited resources to rebuild the industry, mass destruction of a warrant so-called alleged moral right and lead the über attempts to deny the Holocaust. To the Nations of the world must not ignore, as happened in the past, bloodthirsty, dictatorial hide behind masks, colloquially dmgogieth slogans and propaganda. Never again. “

Translated from Hebrew