Commanders on their Memorial Day

Spatial Division Commander, Colonel Jose Pinto and troop commander Lt. Col. Yoav tzocron, carob, numbers from the perspective of personal bereavement on commanders, and not where their comrades fight memory

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Although they never met, ashchol moved out of the way. The black hands of bereavement, you picked the most commanders and comrades and left a deep imprint,.
But they continued to fight, have leadership, soldiers until levels climbed levels
As warriors, commanders are responsible for hundreds of soldiers and sensitive sectors.

Currently, Lieutenant Colonel Yoav tzocron, battalion commander “carob” Kfir Brigade, and Col. Jose Pinto, spatial Division Commander Benjamin in Judea and Samaria, continue to bear the torch of remembrance, along with challenging jobs and high responsibility. Personal conversation with the IDF, they tell about the meaning of Yom hazikaron IDF, on the difficult moments
And the importance of holding together an Israel security, though.

The Brigade Commander, Colonel Jose Pinto

Memorial Day is a very special and exciting for me, I take it personal. There is something in the collective Israeli convergence to complete one day we remember those who died and the death and the way out There is a significant event for me aside from the national collective memory of
Soldiers, friends, men and commanders.

Maj. avi late funding was my platoon commander, Sir, him always remember in game. He fell when he was a company commander in advance Tel Al-ntzva power in the South. Aside from my personal acquaintance with him, we had a special bond days before he pulled me after I was wounded.

Commanders on their Memorial Day

Col. Jose Pinto. Photo: דו”צ

During a battle in southern Ramallah during “hot iron” in September 1996, including the opening of the Western Wall tunnel in Jerusalem led to rioting that spread rapidly throughout Judea and Samaria. In the event, were a force of 11 officers and fighters were injured, nine of 11 fighters. Were injured by gunfire and were long and it was very difficult to come to rescue us. My father commanded the force first and rescued me. The news of his death.
I got when I was lying in bed in the hospital. My father was in a battle with Palestinians, which arrived and gave orders to his power to get back and he himself left on to enable the power to extract the wounded. During the rescue of injured artery and lost a lot of blood.
Tried to get to quite a few fighters and paramedics to rescue him but everybody went everywhere problematic heart. When they have succeeded to recover, my father has already fallen.

With my father’s brother, remain in close contact, as well as with his mother and sister, who also served in the same Regiment. There are so many circles in this relationship, between commanders, about family members and close personal backgrounds, and I worry about visiting each year.

Benjamin חטמ”ר ‘s figure has claimed lives of more than a few commanders and fighters who fell during the period
I served it, some hostile and some not, when my father was one of them. There are several places that remind me of those fall, their geography mention anywhere that fell it. This day in a very personal and powerful means and meaning another wears a uniform. There’s something very presentable as Commander. A man who saw me at the cemetery on Memorial Day salute to the flag, see me as the Chief Representative and the military in General. Who knows you take to a very personal place and see the uniform and the position or rank, see who you are and who you were for all expensive, and the beauty of this day.

Majestic carob in the Kfir Brigade, Lt. Col. Yoav tzocron

Today for me is first day I stop for a moment and think about the guys who aren’t here with me. During the year, I remember, but these days
He is very symbolic and ceremonial, it takes a lot of energy and fills me with other energies, good news. I think of my friends who were with me and not another. On this day, I know my importance as our army of Israel, and basically, what I’m doing here.
For me, this day reminds me of the mission. It highlights what I give, but highlights why and for what I am.

Commanders on their Memorial Day

Lt. Col. Yoav tzocron, photo: דו”צ

On my personal memory, there are two people who make my hair … each
Time and time again. The first is my friend, Sgt. Erez sharabi, who was with me in the company and we were supposed to go to OCs together. One of the activities came into Joseph’s Tomb together, but I went out and it stays there and killed. We violent conflicts with Palestinians there erupted into the grave, and three, then fell.  The class officers were supposed to leave just three days later. Those experiences we’ve been through together, all those things that previously were not considered meaningful to them that were considered routine, suddenly became something completely. Suddenly, when he’s gone, I remembered how it was, how values maintained value human life, how important and how soldiers had loved this nation.

Another close friend of mine who is Capt. Kobi Alessio z controls together organization spent together the company commanders course, and he washed me like Greece who commanded company. Kobi was killed in grenade accident in 1999. I remembered things I would say.
About ever when I was operations officer and Kobi was Deputy Commander of detachment, I remember he was very upset about the situation and I sat and listened. It’s something that I would never remember Kobe was still alive, and every word that came from him about my sets.

Today I still keep in touch with the family, with his parents and siblings. For 17 years I met with the family of cedar and 14 years with Kobe’s family, and I worried all Memorial and their tournament.

I have no doubt that I’m going through them. When I look at Kobe I understand that he
It turned me off, he educates me day by day and taught me, and I continued. He was a role model for me, someone who pioneered talk before and I’m going. Although nowadays it’s carrying the torch at the top of the camp, but with the baggage he has left me, and I’m going for him, too.

Translated from Hebrew