Senior Leadership Conference of the Israel Police reached President Reuven Rivlin to salute shoterimaium
(Sunday) was held for senior leadership of Israel as police periodically as part of the annual program.
The first Conference took place six months ago, with the advent of the Police Commissioner Ronnie רנ״צ 212 Office.
At the Conference participate President Reuven Rivlin who’s happy to acquiesce to the Commissioner and to salute the efforts
Of the officers.

According to
Commissioner Ronnie רנ״צ, 212, police officers at the Conference: “אמו״ן programme (preventive strategy
Management focus) prevents. Public confidence is essential to the ability of the police to function and fulfill its mission.
Public confidence is primarily influenced by the ability to figure out what ails the public, what’s important and they
Needs in each territory. The process of law enforcement, intelligence driven policing, we stand
In conflict with the law enforcement community classic.

“The achievements
The police high policing are not releasing her target of classic law enforcement course
We do not contradict them. The station is part of the value chain of the law is the core of
The law enforcement officers. The first achievements of the program emphasize how tuned and focus (focus effort.
Initiate force multipliers) the public’s feeling that Officer there for him. “

We can formulate the plan once the main access too and make it easier for sharing.
Blessed with action to implement the programs, a significant portion of which deals with the partnerships.

“There is
Gap between police visibility as reflected from media and encompassing work and professional
In practice. Naturally most of the police activity in the service sector, we covered media coverage
Therefore our responsibility to ensure the same. Initial therapy on the subject since the establishment of the Population Division
The media has been noticeably changing. Comes the cops just WINS.

The change
Already here. Most cops are good cops. It’s always been. Long before I was going in depth about the nature of
The police. Today I can say with certainty that the public is starting to see it. Every day we receive
Posts about awesome officers helped, aided, rescued and treated at all. Also a direct role.
And not ו”סתם went out of their way to help. Friendly officers inside cities, at
The police, the roads and road junctions.

The Conference invited the two Chief warrant officers under the title “out of their” given
Exceptional service on a touchy subject. Those were awarded certificates of appreciation Forum to serve as an officer.
Not just “protecting” but also “serve”.

“In an era
Today every citizen is a reporter. Each scene becomes an instant to online media arena with Smartphones
The removable media and photographers “, the Commissioner said.” another policeman, not successful.
Lonely, could overshadow positive activity for hundreds of other scenes. We expect from ourselves.
For: than morality, more value, more professionalism, more service oriented and be for all
Citizen. This is a great challenge but is possible. “

“The company.
Extremely versatile Israeli is. The police also need to overcome to talk to various target audiences.
We are currently promoting the recruitment of policemen and policewomen in the Arab sector and the ultra-Orthodox sector. It
In order that the police, as a maid, formed in a mini eye Cosmos of Israeli society
As a whole. We can talk and faithful to all the society and serve. Where we have identified barriers in dealing
With these and other populations we treat and teach our officers to face audiences
Are markedly different. Multiculturalism is a challenge.  I am sure that these enormous challenges and meet them nclach.

The Police Commissioner
Admitted to the Supreme command of the police action were adopted, and challenging, especially for the period
The holidays and his mother, noting that the difference in its commanders: “feedback is passed
From delegates diverse public and especially the authorities shows that the public is beginning to feel some of the processes
As a change. Contribute to that top commanders and change who understand the spirit of commanders
And realizing it in practice “.

The Police Commissioner
The dimension analysis (Behavioral Sciences Department) to the nomination round lately.
The data show that at every stage in the process the average quality of the officers (the weight sets
Commanders and subordinates members) up, which indicates that the respective committees and indeed assignment discussion
Choose the best officers to police. The Commissioner stressed that potential have?
Quality enough officers for promotion so there was no need to compromise.

In the context
Of promoting women in Police Commissioner stated: “I see great importance in the representation of the population
The police lines. I think we need to push and make sure women mix and represents. As far as I’m concerned.
Impossible and lead an organization serving the public (not only shield) with low women mix. We began
Commanders must be possible and to produce customized itineraries also lifestyles of women seeking moms
It. The processes we’ve built on the concept of setting and promotion, especially in the context of organizational vision and Shaanxi
And the ability of the wings to right manpower development policies will allow anyone who wants to manage a career.
Successful dedicated no less than that of the officer. Alongside the aforementioned instructed about pilot officers course
The closest lavnati mothers easier to fit into the destination class as they wish “.

The country, Reuben Rivlin, congratulate the Conference: “I want to thank you on behalf of myself and my
Citizens of Israel, for the dedication, discretion, and uncompromising professionalism that characterizes
His involvement, especially in these times. I know that facing public criticism of the police
It is not easy. The existence of basic police and might. Moral and ethical power of the police.
Is reflected in the strength and safety of all citizens, and a citizen. We do not have the privilege to give up
The police. We do not have the privilege to give for working hard and thankless job, drank alcohol,
That never finishes. Thank you “.

“The changes
The tremendous demographic fabric of Israel’s citizens, pose a tremendous challenge to Israeli society. It’s gone.
Only civil challenge; This is the challenge that is facing the financial system, and less political system.
The security situation. Give friends and companies, a major challenge. Paving new ways to save
And protection of Israeli society as a whole-the new Israeli order. Uncompromising protection for the State and society
Alongside the need to see Israel citizens even as equals, and enemies that we examine through intention. “

“To order.
The new Israeli concrete consequences are likely to be far-reaching and the police. In terms of character.
And find recruits – to expand the service to ultra-Orthodox and Arabs. In terms of the nature and scope of the operations in battle.
The civilian population and the need to study the changes apply. Advantage of power and police introduction
She had with all of Israeli society, and the human and cultural understanding. This DNA. Of the police.
No doubt the police will challenge and excellence as it does in relation to the challenges
Before. Raised and managed. “

Translated from Hebrew