The national youth leadership conference took place today at the National Police College led Police Commissioner Ronnie alshichaium relations (Tuesday) was held in the National Police College at Sun National Youth Leadership Conference, headed by the Chief of police, Commissioner Ronnie alshich, and command staff of Israel Police, youth, representatives from Ministry of education, representatives of drug prevention unit. Alcohol and tobacco and other representatives.

This Conference is held in the National Police College this year. Each year nearly 10,000 skilled colleagues, youth leaders from sixth-graders is from all sectors to help deliver the program among their peers and younger students from them. Colleagues and influential program “delivered via iishovis or scissor seminars led by the drug prevention unit, alcohol and tobacco, by psychologists and in collaboration with the DEA.

Fellow youth leadership program is based on the principle that the youth program helps develop personal responsibility and mutual and profound social atmosphere of involvement to promote healthy lifestyles negates the use of psycho-active substances.

Police said relations between Rooney at 212: “this special session is the essence of the concept of the role of the police as faith sees itself well on improving compliance with norms of the law of the State of Israel. There is no ring is more important than ל”עמיתים affect the net, Mao (prevention of violence and crime, but network), to address domestic violence, especially against network for children and youth, but it does so together with other authorities to put” ה”מניעה” as a central component.

“Israel Police has set itself a target to develop his” situational leadership theory “prevention. We do all that God us reduce crime by reducing the opportunities for crime. Out of this concept, we find it necessary to collaborate with anyone who’s willing to invest in crime prevention. When it comes to youth, the situational leadership theory approach “is more than a professional value is a moral value. As long as you can keep young degenerate crime, we have a moral obligation to do it first-class and more likely to succeed in the mission.

“The younger generation is the future of the State and society for years nothing like investing in youth to effect strategic compliance process of the law in the State of Israel. We all want a thoughtful friend, less violent, and it gives a sense of mutual responsibility. “

Translated from Hebrew