Completed successful test missile interceptor arrow “3”

צילום ארכיון.

The experiment, conducted in cooperation with the United States, as part of a long series
Of development and trials for ‘ system ‘ capabilities, designed to intercept long-range missiles.

תאריך: 25/02/2013, 09:52    
מחבר: שיר אהרון ברם, אתר חיל-האוויר

Members of the “wall” of FA Director in the Ministry of Defense, along with the American Agency for missile defense, the first flight experiment interceptor arrow 3.
The trial, which was completed successfully in field experiments, in central Israel, and tested the system’s abilities first “press 3. The Ministry of Defense reported that the success of the experiment is an important milestone in building the operational capabilities of the State of Israel to deal with the threats of referral.

Arrow 3 system is designed to intercept long-range missiles and is a major part of a layered defense that Rabbi Israel Ministry of Defense. Since the arrow system was first operational in 2000, is enhanced and promoted on a regular basis by the IAF and the industry of Azerbaijan. The aim is to provide continuous upgrades capable system
-Most ballistic missile long-range interception.

In recent years, the arrow system progressed in leaps and bounds. The newest version (“block.
2.5 “in professional parlance) is awarded to advanced missile interceptors, as newly joined
To some, the new operational special protection now missiles and more. To test the system, advancements in the IAF and the industry of Azerbaijan tests that check out the new capabilities of the system. The tests allow you to examine the activity of some (considering whether he manages to discover that simulates missile ballistic target), the interceptors (with the launch of the upgraded missile and functioning) and so on.

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