Conclusion: a significant improvement in the growth of economy of Gaza

העברת סחורות לרצועת עזה

The sharpest growth reflects the expansion of the policy and of its activities in the Gaza Strip, which led Coordinator of government activities in the territories. The unemployment rate in awl – lowest in Decade

תאריך: 10/12/2011, 18:27    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The international community and the Palestinian Central Bureau of statistics () recently released the Gaza economy’s growth in the second quarter of 2011. Quarterly data show that the growth rate in the Gaza Strip stands at 31% compared to the same period last year and the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level for the past decade to 25%.

By comparison, the QoQ GDP total 11% PA plant between 2 quarter 2010 to second quarter II 2011, growth which largely by the Gaza Strip (as stated there was registered a growth of 31%), Bayou began growth of approximately 5% during this period.

Sharp growth in Gaza reflects the Government’s decision in June 2010 to expand the civil policy and reflects the relative security stability, however, it is important to note that this growth starts from a low base and that Gaza is product half the PA only. Also unemployment rate in Gaza data indicate a decrease in unemployment is currently at 25% which is the lowest level for the past decade. Decrease
This unemployment continues the trend of the last three quarters.

“It’s not every day as these positive data about the Gaza Strip and the situation there.
Getting better, always goes away sad situation sometimes warped, “says Maj. Guy INBAR mtep spokesman. Help noticing growth trend “in many areas of Economics and life in the Gaza Strip, it is important that the data are released and the balance the scene away,” explains major amber.

“Civil policy components across the Gaza Strip concerning trade, agricultural exports, infrastructure, education, health, water, electricity and people components that are part and parcel and very existence of the fabric of life in Gaza, reflecting the policy distinguishes between the civilian population and the terrorist organization Hamas. It’s not just in humanitarian activities and transfer patients as it is customary to think. ” Major INBAR notes that “every day possible of 100 Palestinian businessmen from Gaza to Israel for the benefit of
Promoting trade and business sectors. This is in addition to humanitarian traffic such as receiving medical treatment in Israel.

Recorded activity in 2011 in exportation, which held conferences for the benefit of the agricultural export process explanation in the Gaza coordination and liaison and
The land crossings. Relevant conference delegates came from the international community and dozens of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. “It is important to remember that there are internal problems that are not related to us. For example, textile exports from Gaza happiness abroad but there is currently no bookings. Also export furniture approved and conducted coordination required to export a specific furniture factory and the factory Hall burned down in 14th, 2011 and no further orders, “notes major amber.

Agricultural exports starting on November 27 and is in ongoing and smooth way about preparations and orderly systems of Defense Ministry transitions and mtep. in addition, the Coordinator of government activities in the occupied territories indicate that 178 approved construction projects in Gaza, which ended 35 projects, 70 are still in progress and 63 in the internal process of tenders and purchasing raw materials, when some prior budget detected by international investors.

In employment indicates major because the scope of amber employed in construction grew by about 4,500 people during the second quarter, as a result of the expansion and construction projects that expand.  “The data clearly show that the construction industry is responsible for more than
43% of GDP growth in the Gaza Strip between quarter 2 quarter 2 2010, 2011, while the services and agriculture sectors are responsible for approximately 15% and 14%, respectively, “notes major amber.

In summary, the growth trend in the Gaza Strip and can be attributed some of these economic parameters, even Israel policies in the past year.

The full report of the Coordinator of government activities in the territories

Translated from Hebrew