Just before he leaves his post, the logistics officer commanding number on projects that lead to the end of operation “Cliff”, and over the last year. “Militants trained in the Giv’ati came back from a very surprised. The base looks. ”

תאריך: 19/10/2015, 17:05
מחבר: נדב זק ודנה ברנר, אתר צה”ל



An extensive renovation of the training base of the Givati Brigade, embedding the lessons of “Cliff” and are placed in all the South-these are just some of the work of the Logistics Department at Southern Command last year. Toward the end of the command, logistics officer Colonel Tal Cohen, he talks about the major projects.

Repair and renovation in sector

With the end of operation “Cliff”, which towed load of soldiers who popped up to southern posts, created quite a few gaps and deficiencies with regard to the renovation. Therefore, the logistics command personnel out to offer a comprehensive overhaul of sixteen in Division 80 region and bound.

“We’ve mapped out all the flaws in their barracks. Construction personnel entered and stationed in all the rooms, halls and classrooms and made a list of everything that was normal, “said Colonel Cohen. “Employees from the subjects came and went until the garrison was perfect. The fighters were too and auxiliaries. The expectation is that within two years all will be stationed ”

Logistically, one of the biggest projects in the southern command is in renovation (regimental training base) on weekends. “In recent months carried out renovation project at a Givati Brigade, after several years of planning,” Colonel Cohen. “Givati soldiers takes time to get used to it. Fighters trained in coming back to him now than surprised. The base looks completely different.

Compared to the tents that were in the past, soldiers sleep in air-conditioned concrete buildings with renovated bathrooms. “Initially these days on camp preferred subjects in basic” resumed command logistics officer. “At the beginning of the project 2016 icrom shape and start the services for the first company to concrete structures”.

The lessons of operation “Cliff”

Conclusions logistical operation began to be collected already during the fighting, and later implemented and improved. In order to speed up the supply of space equipment, logistic unit established in new Gaza Division and logistics centers have been established in regional divisions.

“Today the Logistics Division holds many trucks can provide and arming the forces in the area, inter alia from thinking about participating in a long campaign for intra-Theatre lift,” said Colonel Cohen. “The level of divisions, we have logistic centers that serve as mobile body divisional delivers equipment and shortages in various outposts are completed.”

Translated from Hebrew