Continued cooperation between Israel’s air forces and Greece

צילום: כרמל הורוביץ, אתר חיל האוויר

After the troops trained together in two countries, Greece’s dry air control came to visit the country, training simulators and a tour of naval bases

תאריך: 09/12/2011, 13:44    
מחבר: מאי אפרת וקרן טוקטלי, אתר חיל האוויר

1 General Constantine niatis, Commander of the dry air of Greece, landed this week as guest of Air Marshal, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan. Per week
, Accompanied by his entourage, he came to visit at the base. Together with the head, Brigadier General David Barki, visited the General in the Squadron “magic touch”. The highlight of the visit.
He arrived when the Commander ooiriia, a founder of the Apache pilot, took up with
ה”שרף aircraft (Apache). That smile on his face after landing, having the General.

From there the participants into the palmahim IAF base. They visited the base coaches, which operated flight simoltori an unmanned planes and helicopters. After an explanation.
About coaches and abilities, given to General niatis can examine the trainer “. At the end of a short training run, introduced the first strike “Squadron” which operates helicopters of type Viper (COBRA). The crew of the Greeks and Israelis discussed ways of preparing pilots for combat helicopters, and supplementary training after the aircraft.

“Cooperation with Greece so far have been very successful, so there is plenty of room for the joint exercises,” said Brig. Gen. Barki to the Israeli air force. “We really want this to last, but you should see that it is possible to combine these exercises with the busy schedule. Greece is a country that is important to us to keep her on. It is nearby, similar to our own platforms, it is important that trade theories divided opinions
And will have evolved together, “said רלמ”ס. “because every country is different each arena also develops, and yet there is much room for dialogue with the Greeks.

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