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While with Israel leaves land in trails Chol, the def of the Prairie are prepped and ready to offer assistance to any medical scenario. “We care about saving
Life, they tell

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מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

In a beautiful valley between rocks and waits for 4 doors טנ”ץ The first door sits the driver to work. In the second the door wearing – is responsible for everything, even under fire. The third door sits the therapist, paramedic or physician’s right to know. And the last door waiting for the necessary treatment.

Against the backdrop of the Passover holiday tours, meet the intensive care unit (טנ”ץ) military region – Steppenwolf IDF Squad, composed of soldiers and serves as the primary medical response for all those clans. Even bystanders and residents. They are in standby: during the day they can get underway in two minutes from go and treat anyone who needs it. Here are some things you might not know about.

The car is waiting at ein Yahav sector event. Since 2008 the Gentoo is the answer, any kind, for the soldiers and civilians who live in the West or just pass by reference to. The def is the only one in the West, over 200 kilometers, which includes senior practitioner-doctor or paramedic.

The car has no systems typically military ambulance. For example, a case where there’s child care medical equipment. Because of the assistance to the civilian population on Gentoo
To be able to all, whether children or elderly, and solutions for heart, blood pressure and sugar that characterize adults. Not only soldiers with vest However, the military and equipment subject to the West of southern command.

“The South feels safe – all the passers-by are safe here because the very presence of the Prairie Division and def,” said Brigade medical officer, Captain friend Shohat. He stayed at the base with the ambulance on standby with the staff as always.

The ten plagues

“Can give us just in case – four-year-old girl’s asthma, dehydration or school trip accident”, describes the Gentoo’s paramedic, Sergeant June 79317931. As Greece whose West covers one doctor who lives ranging from towns and is specialized in trauma, def provides everything, literally.

Pelvic fracture, SUBDURAL Bettany, back injuries, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, epilepsy, asthma, vomiting and heart attack, head trauma are plagues that have already seen the medics not
Once. However, because of the proximity to the country’s most dangerous road they deal mainly with traffic accidents, following floods, cars rolling around, a motorcycle lost control, vulnerability, vulnerable side, front-end, back injuries, excessive speed, all overrides to Highway 90 to offer passengers.

But first, they are an army ambulance. Although not protected nor Brown, but white, clean and bright, but their mission is first of all. They are intended to address all necessary operational: hotcl tour, or a rise of emissions. Usually the events are always civil and yet are with guns, helmets and a bulletproof vest.
טנ”ץ West’s staff, Department Chairman Medic (Medic) brigades, Sergeant muti.
“We טנ”ץ day, night, joking about heroes and the truth is they’re superheroes all the time.

“Two hours after I got in my first day here, head-on car accident is difficult,” says staff sergeant. Without a mental preparation had to work the case and treat the wounded. Over time, the experience affects, they say, and continue to be rough but break. “We have another head – as much as possible to help handle.
You can’t be thinking things like, ‘ she’s my sister’s age because we won’t be able to function, “says.

Captain Ajith strengthens. “They eventually, 19-20-21, who have
To make a radical change in thinking. Also there’s never good mental preparation for any event that
The conflicting reports. FSU could have tell us back when we get injuries revealed bleeding in my stomach, or worse. So in the end had to disconnect everything and handle shape
The best. טנ”ץ West’s team comes with a lot of experience and does his job very well.” He added later: “I can maintain peace of mind because they know how to operate as expected.

Eviction in heaven and in Earth.

The West is over 200 miles away. An hour and a half South of Ein Yahav’s yoseftal hospital. An hour and a half North’s Soroka Hospital. Even assuming that the ambulance travel at maximum speed limit, still an hour and a half to the wounded before coming to the hospital. Major said shochat. Stresses, and challenges that don’t exist in other areas.

Therefore, they need to determine in real-time if the event happens to be urgent and necessary evacuating mossek. “You have to make a decision by total, or deepen, in consultation with the medical officer on duty,” says 79317931. Sometimes they know beforehand that they should prepare to evacuate mossek. “If for example we see of cars have early holiday, so
It is possible to predict that there will be traffic that can block the way, “says.

However, there is an upside. Once the bouncing the Commander’s crew in a brief phone call of three words: “event. Faran “, for example. They are on the car and on the way to place the updated details, preparing and saves time.

This is def a family. In many cases the army could say the shared job leads and reciprocity, but when it’s directly related to human life to dynamic and caring has another meaning. As the only Gentoo, each feels personal commitment. “We care,” says simply 79317931. “The personal aspect is important to maintain the equipment and the ambulance”, joins. Personal commitment is towards each other, towards the perimeter, the alert and their profession.

“It’s not obvious,” explains Captain Shohat. “This concern comes from deep understanding
Why they’re here. This active, serious and respected, so that soldiers who care. ”
In an attack on August 12, except for the call, the crew was on its way back to the House when they okapzzo. Once you start the event each team, from the first to the last, arrived in a convoy to the dedication to the job situation inspires respect. They are trained and know how to work together. They sleep, eat and admire await an event together, not separate. In real time,
Therefore, they work in fluid dynamics and other aspects of personal challenges.

So the upcoming Passover and that, when travelling on the road 90, scorpions and Prairie communities, you can know that you are in good hands. Happy holiday.

Translated from Hebrew