David Shields

הלוחמים ה”דוידים” עם משפחותיהם שהגיעו במיוחד מארה”ב. צילום: דו”ץ

David Aaron and terah knew another kindergarten in Queens, New York. At 17, decided to get together and join the Golani to fight shoulder to shoulder

תאריך: 26/02/2013, 18:07    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Graduation Cap traditional quest of the Golani Brigade, led by the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Yaniv, conducted last week marked 65 years since the founding of the oldest Division,
Which members took part in every war since the founding of the State.  “Are we in the setting of Israel significant challenges. We are the generation knows the time, size and committed and determined to walk the path of heroism the Division, “said happy.

Among the hundreds of fighters that have completed the training, are two newcomers, lone soldiers, who come from the suburbs of New York City, Queens. CPL. David Aaron, now a large regiment ‘ Gideon and David Cohen, the Barak battalion, increased
Together their entire lives in the u.s. after the kindergarten, elementary and high school ה”דוידים, 17 2″ all they want is to get Israel to land in order to enlist. Less than a year ago raised alone and rented an apartment in Tel Aviv, two months before the two mobilization Army conducted persistent war in order to join the number one Division, and now, after months of challenging training course and received
The two finally “גולנצ’יקים”.

David Shields

The exciting event signed with ה”דוידים gay parents, who arrived from New York to Israel to share with the children the same moments become warriors. CPL. Aaron’s only brother to sisters and so’s first. His father, who served in the IDF as a service, prodding. ” For me, that it’s Golani Brigade of the IDF, the first letter of each, “said cpl. Aaron. “That’s why I wanted to be here.
I came in the army to grow up and found lifelong friends and commanders. I’m very excited to get the Brown beret and belong to Division. “

Now cpl. Aaron waiting to have until at least 2015, the year the release so he can turn back to the Manager business degree at New York University, and others.

Translated from Hebrew