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רות נעמה פז, “במחנה”

Celebrating a decade in Squadron headquarters, got the women’s Affairs Advisor to the conversation on the issues placed on the table concerning Allied species limescale establishes their capability of the prettiest. “I don’t want a woman change the essence, but the IDF is required to allow conditions for success,” she says.

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מחבר: רותם קארו ויצמן

This year the squadron headquarters 10 years anniversary. The Squadron is the body that deals with various aspects of women’s service in the IDF, to individual organization: research, advocacy
And training, representation in the media and external organizations, and more. Brig. Gen. discovered as River Liffey-Amir, head for two years, which grew on the IDF’s command and was the woman.
The first graduating class II, is one of three תא”ליות which boasts more IDF-and hand outstretched.

“In the last decade, there have been major changes in women, indicates General as River Liffey.
Central among them is “the amendment by the security service after John Ellis Miller (the student struggled for IDF aircraft course opened in 1995), who handled several layers. She is the first women to areas where gender was “blocked”.
“Compared to the situation before, today women can serve a longer period than two years in various positions like clever, tochnthiot etc. In addition, it also opened
The area of the fighting positions, “she explains. The second change is the reserve service. “I’ll be in regular array unanswered in an array. Who serves a critical role to serve until the end of the reserve service restriction (i.e. due to pregnancy). In addition, women servants in volunteer roles and time their duty service longer, should serve a reserve service as any man, without an exemption for pregnancy or marriage.

It sounds ideal, but in practice law enforcement reserve duty of women is not sufficiently regulated. “The cultural barrier, not only in the military but in society. It is difficult for us to include the fact that women serve in the reserves. Officers complain that they do not have the same aspect ratio as a classmate or friend in the workplace when they should report to. It still inspires brow, “says Brig. Gen. as River Liffey.


The title disappeared.

Besides the changes seen in the last decade, is IDF activities to match the women’s population, which is an integral part of the building.
One of the most important programs is a popular program called “gender” sector, offering gender-thinking principles. “The idea is to take the relevant needs and different between men and women and bring them into an integral necessity of planning”, explains a Brigadier General and River Liffey, “the army is essentially masculine body. I certainly don’t want a woman to change her essence. Functional environment should enable conditions for success and able “.

The new program is designed to give women in an environment where they serve the conditions required in their professional and efficient manner. “A woman in the position, make sure that it matched her so that her job done on the best equipment: shoes
Custom vest, helmets, road warrior training tailored for women and food, “explains
Brig. Gen. as River Liffey. Don’t see just the Warrior: “for example, (joystick)-shooter system not adapted to the ttzpithnit or physical power even though it is an array
That is staffed largely by women. It’s not do evil-not mainstream. We want to expand the relevant mainstream “, underscores the squadron since the change in question embedded in consciousness, time is critical. “Slowly down the chips to commanders in the field. Many things happen. The personal equipment gaps for women, for example, we expect to see disappear until March 2011.

Besides the technical gaps issue remains the question of the common service of men and women in combat roles. “All living men and women working side by side. The system is organized so that women and men seem to fall more to their traditional roles in society, “says Brig. Gen. as River Liffey. “Therefore it seems that luxury of certain areas of women decreases shnchnssot to them. As soon as you turn to who is actually there seeing over time these feelings disappear. According to our research, the woman disappeared and title at the soldier’s operational quality, “she encouraged.

Women currently serve about 90 percent of all roles in the remaining 10% not see Squadron fit to start Manning. “The fact that women do not serve in some role stems from lack of capacity or inability of women. You don’t need to make a deal. “

The General’s mind as the River Liffey, affirmative action to promote women to key positions not required relevant military system. “I don’t see equal opportunities targets within an organization whose function is to protect the residents of the State of Israel,” she clarified. “You have to look at it from where
The people’s Army’s values and shaping society. The army violated the corresponding to suit as many sectors of society to come to the fore.

And when we get to see a champion in the IDF? I guess I didn’t have to wait long. “Compared to previous years due to IDF much more to promote woman role,” says champion Squadron. “today
Three women are serving with the rank of Brigadier General in the very path. The last Chief, Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim, did the land she had receipts of the roles she has done. So אכ”א רמ”ט, Brig. Gen. Ali love, and so am I. I would be offended if they elect me because I’m a woman, “she added.


Empowerment and the eradication of shirking

Along with reducing the disparities between women and men and women in the IDF, varied work demands to give women unique teens maids. “Through take
(Chief Education Officer command) we reveal more and more senior women’s studies gender and empowerment “, telling the squadron.” in addition, we conduct for which panels of fighters talk on eye height, within a year. It’s national daughters, salt of the Earth, the truer for women and significant in choosing the way they shape themselves. They generate a lot of enthusiasm, “she testified. “Also, regular combat units in the system.
The military can see more and more women in key positions and it makes the effect. Both
See it’s possible, “she says and adds,” another interesting fact is that the Commission recognize the motivation among both men and women. At first feared to extend the permanent signing of nine women, like men, but that didn’t change anything. Women today want to be officers. They understand what they can give what it gives them. “

Is it true, then, to extend the mandatory irotan of women in the IDF?
“To deal with the security service law through women’s service, but through social observation Squadron, the” need to put army milestones that we want to see. You must determine the length of service by professional and kind.

These milestones from Squadron HQ to assume with regard to recruiting girls girls and minorities and to eradicate the phenomenon of shirking a false religious claims. “About 8-10% of religious statements are false,” Brig. Gen. as River Liffey. “We tried to handle it in policy makers in the political echelon. Major difficulties encountered, but still managed to bring minor changes, “she says and continues,” we were looking for a way to apply mandatory proof of girls and see how it is manifested in their lives, but there was resistance from the religious sector “. Despite the difficulty of River Liffey General indicates that carried out intensive activity against
The religious sector in recruiting: “we arrive all that prepare and encourage recruitment Conference for religious girls, where attendance this year was double the previous year. We allow
Build the server significantly by their relevant differences and religious girls take part in a variety of roles across the Board. “


Dean wife

Photographer: Naval Victor Welch

  • Dean wife

The essence of the thing.

Another topic that received widespread media stage, especially recently, is the issue of sexual harassment. Squadron headquarters is the first professional field and aims to provide a comprehensive service to soldiers and airmen who suffered from sexual harassment: legal and medical support, training of officials in the various units, etc.
“We’re looking at this thing thinking about human dignity, is IDF spirit and responsible commanders. The commander responsible for the soldier’s body and mind, “says Brig. Gen. as River Liffey.
She said the subject has changed and so has the approach and treatment. “More women report harassment because of the ads. As women and women see tools are effective in treating have, so
Raise the amount of girls who will do something about it, “she tnbat.

These days the squadron initiated opened an innovative project regarding slurs: Oh Center project competition and support in crisis situations. The project addresses including victims of sexual harassment, domestic violence and unwanted pregnancies, tzrifin, camp and sagging due to physical proximity to medical services. “Iroaein the assistance be directed to empowerment by worker,” explains Lt. Col. liora Rubinstein, Deputy Squadron “all stages of the investigation and the family and legal assistance ilovi by his staff, which consists of military personnel. About full service detail in all areas to allow the injured to return to military service installed. In the first phase of the project, he applied אט”ל (technological and Logistics Directorate) and GoC army headquarters until the end of the year for all other military units.

Women’s health, burning all the subject of women’s rights, supported also by many of the Squadron, before including by קרפ”ר (Chief Medical Officer), the IDF’s most advanced also compared to external bodies. “Some days are concentrated to officers
In the field of Gynecology and soldiering. Three key field קרפ”ר gender medicine out of the intention to start a future women’s Health Center,” she reveals. “It is a matter
The acceleration in the world and occupies a huge need for this in terms of treatment and omdot.
It also condemned the Council for women’s health at the Health Ministry that I am. I believe that the project no longer hesitated icrom very quickly but I can’t provide an exact and yet, “says Brig. Gen. as River Liffey.


“Don’t need a man to command men.”

As an officer in the IDF and saw many women in and out of the gates, River Liffey lingering General saying that the Israel Defense forces are an integral part of shaping of the Israeli woman as well as the image of the company. “Military service is a meaningful experience for youth and girls,” she says. “You can see it in perspective. When you’re inside, you don’t understand how it affects. “

All along the River Liffey not hiding a General who is. The army claims, not the female identity and she hasn’t adopted papers masculinity, as many believe that a woman can do to integrate successfully in the array. “I hid nshionsi.
With shoes and no cross weapon missed me. You don’t have to be a man to control
On men, “she declared.

As a mother, and as such more drawn to a retired General as River Liffey can see how shaped
Various roles in the chain of command of the army at home and vice versa. “My commanding roles contributed to me as a mother, and as a mother I am looking at the soldiers as their parents deposited by a fixed period of time, and me not only to them but to provide them with an environment
Respect and keep their bodies and souls. Army Toolbox, you can’t get anywhere else. “


Translated from Hebrew