Decade project “adopt a Warrior:” strengthens the relationship to society “

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Annual recognition event project conducted yesterday and 20 mothers of soldiers
The individual and flown to surprise Israel || Chief: “the success of this venture was made possible mainly due to the unique character of Israeli society.”

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מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

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Annual recognition event for the project “adopt” true Warrior
Yesterday the campus in Tel Aviv in the presence of Chief of general staff, General Gadi Eisenkot, popular Forum members, commanders of the troops participating in the project, Israel’s largest companies and donors from Israel and abroad. “The project we managed to reinforce the connection.
Unique to the Israeli society in the last decade, “said Eisenkot of Lt. General remarks.

The project, indicating the year, decade
Connects 184 units warriors and donors from Israel and abroad. The relationship is expressed in single contributions, designed to improve the quality of life, and social and voluntary activities. “This meeting tonight, and in general the project of ‘ adopt ‘ fighter in me another layer of the bravest to society, and Furthermore,
Trust company in Israel Defense Forces ‘ Chief of staff, said.

Decade project “adopt a Warrior:” strengthens the relationship to society “

Photo: IDF

During the “Cliff” recruited donors more than $ 1.6 million in cash and products to the regiments adopted and all combat units. “While all loachmino arms and the enlisted for State security.
The joined up too, and a contribution to the welfare of the units, “admitted Lieutenant General Eisenkot. “The success
This project was made possible mainly due to the unique nature of Israeli society, in
The educated warriors and which are sent to the battlefield. “

The Division Commander, Colonel URI gorodin, spoke as a representative of the maomzzot units, and expressed thanks to all involved in the donation. “The program allows each tremendous flexibility in handling has agreed the soldiers found”. “I believe our soldiers are the children of all and every family in Israel has any connection to the army, and thus needed just such a project that connects between the army and the Church, of tradition and action I’m sure would attract more years.” In addition, 20 individual soldiers received meet their mothers who were flown to Israel.

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