Deep purple

הלוחמים הסגולים צועדים. צילום: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

After half a year which included team building, ranges, different melodies, advanced training and urban warfare — defense cadets Givati Brigade last November made cycle all the way to the purple beret

תאריך: 29/05/2012, 10:41    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The last two miles are doing at the same time. In and around dark Olive colored background of wheat fields and spikes. They are still in the form of lily, travel with dark camouflage colors and green equipment so that in the day, they attract the attention of passing drivers on the road between Kiryat Gat and Ashkelon. Every car that goes
Don’t read – siren stronger and who is longer. One driver plays Horn music
Of soccer. It’s not every day you see a complete recruitment cycle walking on the roadside on the way to the purple beret.

Givati fighters that was last November received the coveted beret last week – purple beret. After half a year which included recruitment, team building, ranges, testing’s seven children, advanced training, fighting in built-up area, accommodation in tents, discipline, rations, waking up at dawn and fitness tests – now the turn of the CAP. IDF website continues to accompany the troops in these outstanding experiences that it seems like matriculation or
Test driving became routine or obvious. But no part of the Warrior’s training.

“Look, shtopo them in this campaign, bad, everything went through to get it. Just one little glance to the left, “says Captain Rotem company class as a shaloncot after 52 kilometers. Understanding takes a few seconds to go. For half a day, they marched in the desert cold and fog at night and heat and dryness that Ethan hours. They drank half of tennis, sweating, and stopped to sit
Except for once. Maybe the occasional stretching the muscles so you don’t get caught after 30 kilometers.

And yet – the first thing they do when it’s not Cap campaign shmustis sit. Not
Run to eat. Not to drink. They assume the stretchers and telepathic communication developed in the last six months everybody starts to smile. They finished, it’s over, no more.
They won a Cap. And they’re happy.

Deep purple

Legion fighters have infinite power. Any energy field encircles them, motivate and inspire them. Not small waves, tsunamis. Late at night, when powers making
Plan and common sense had led to fears of, headed to come. — the energy. Warriors concentrate in a circle and sing for God with poison in the eyes and body. Include original versions of the songs, “the entire world has gained one. No
Fears, no worries, everything good and connect together. In the middle of the Grove, a hikim.
Theirs are spreading like wildfire.

Mass and shakes. Hordes of soldiers concentrate on the clearing. The counters. Dark green bodies assimilate in darkness around in large quantities and it’s hard not to get sucked into thinking that each and every one of them through the arduous route to the purple beret on his own, with friends, with commanders, handling himself with difficulty, with the cold, the heat, the fatigue and the challenges. Each of the soldiers painted on the narrow path that leads to.

“Everybody get on full equipment, stretchers, water jackets and work out on h plugatit.
On waking up! “declares control and manage company, aware of the future and what’s to come later. And beret. Cause and effect.

“No matter what happens here in 11-12 hours, I will never forget this night.
The educations. Few people in the world. Making a lifetime journey. Every time you step
Military shoe on the ground here I want you to remember that you are here because of what you did and what you are. Devour this task like any task until now “, call into the squad Commander Rotem, soldiers sending” good luck “and turns to lead the force. The columns are doing him wrong can be seen only in the army.

“When the Sun just came out, it was the most beautiful moment in the journey”, says Rotem company soldier, corporal Yaniv Zamir. “The Sun rose just a little, was a bit light in the sky, and all around was wheat colored in yellow color most beautiful,” he describes. Probably not just called Rotem – no matter how much land would be the land where they are, how hard it will be, they insist more and more until you find the good stuff and be able to enjoy.

When they go, anyone who has some rising immediately behind the hand outstretched. Like instinct. Tired soldier gets left behind. The hsolies these shoes art on the ground where the soldiers marching. Along the journey, except the last kilometres back and mood, walking softly. Do not talk. Operational activity.
Only the paces you can hear echo, agricultural sludge was crushed under a vest, gun, water, and פק”ל. And six months of training.

“We have a proud”, “no you! You’re the greatest! “, and” Yarin along with you.
All the way from the exciting parade prepared by families and friends. The soldiers, facing mbsicot cameras in smiles, framed by Purple beret. They throw the CAP at the end of the long-awaited ceremony, purple rain and relief and between the soldiers and the parents homemade shirt gleaming: “day dream purple!”, write it. But with smiles and a beret, chutept for November 2012 cycle of virtue is no longer just a dream.

Translated from Hebrew