Defense Chief: “we protect” strategic to tactical

Brigadier General Doron gavish survey on changes of air defense in the last decade, featuring technological intensification and early development, he noted
“The iron dome reaches almost 100% success in revealing alert”

תאריך: 30/11/2011, 18:45    
מחבר: אביחי חיים ועידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

” The environment-security strategy has changed over the last ten years, during which, air defense, tactical defense strategic defense “-so said today (Wednesday) the Commander of the air defense command, Brigadier General Doron gavish, AEROSPACE Conference-2011 refer to fundamental changes that have occurred in air defense over the past decade.

“The environment develops and becomes very challenging, including real threat we deal with different sectors. Our array of handling an aircraft threats UAV, drones, unconventional weapons, protecting the neck and terrorism. In recent years, become
Coping with a remote threat to tackling the threat is very close, “Brigadier General.

The Commander of the air defense command stresses the importance of empowerment and strength building indicate that recruitment to the large and powerful today and reflects the variety of roles that are opened. “The General relates that the array has integrated within long-term service plans, extended professional training of warriors and multidisciplinary training, as part of the consideration he finds manpower quality in the array.

“The understanding that we are dealing with a significant strategic threat, is one of the lessons of the Lebanon war that we find important. In the last three rounds of gunfire from the Gaza Strip, won a success of nearly 100 percent detection deterrence. In the field of rocket interception score and brings new capabilities. However it is important to emphasize that
Is hermetically sealed and the process of learning and improving “, said Brigadier General.

Col. Zvika haimovitch, Wing Commander active in the Defense Aerospace Defense, taking the aerial ש”ההגנה became the fourth leg ‘ which is about Israel security theory of passive and active side. However, Col. Haimovitz noted that
“We must remember that the effectiveness of one system is good thanks to the msharchot system and independent defense. Discovery and alert can only be done if there is cooperation between the various bodies responsible for air defense. ”

“The general idea of aerial array is to protect spatial thinking and not against specific threats. This is a way to preserve our capabilities and thus affecting the security of the State of Israel, “concluded Col. Haimovitz.

Translated from Hebrew