Defense Minister: cut off every hand that tries to hurt us.

השר יעלון, צילום: יח”צ

In a letter to bereaved families to mark Remembrance Sunday, Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon (logical) that “the struggle is not over, and it forces us to fight each time, new scenes.

תאריך: 14/04/2013, 11:37    
מחבר: השר משה (בוגי) יעלון

As every year, the unique, the State of Israel with male noplia.
The country stops. In pain and longing that do not let you pass to photos of family members, friends, and bad men will kiss, which paid the dearest price. Memories that accompany us and accompany us all our lives, and with a sense of infinite sadness and painful questions of what was what, and where they were today.

In death we were falling not only life, but also the right to fight for our existence here. The right to exist in this country, independent life, reaching highs that only few countries reach them. The right to be partners in wonder called the State of Israel, after 65 years of independence after centuries of persecution and murder Jews because they are Jews, became a model emulated around the world.

But, unfortunately, not yet. He changes his face, wearing another form, facing the new scenes, forcing us to fight each time of sacrificing our sons and daughters, Toby. With haunting peace we so used and so will be until the end of generations, but not compromise on safety and cut off any hand that tries to hurt us. The price for the malady at times unbearably heavy.


There is no cure for sorrow that accompanies you every day, hour. Words to comfort and reduce the intensity of homesickness. Coping is not easy, and the agonizing wounds to heal. But let gborthchn represent the symbol of the Israeli stance, which stand the test time and again against facing challenges. Tonight and tomorrow …. pain and grief in the cemetery, in ceremonies and rallies. Stand there and grow that there are no seconds, and those which constitute the basis for our existence in this country.

May their memory of the fallen.

Translated from Hebrew