Defense Minister: “the establishment of the management give him tremendous leverage” Negev

צילום: שרון מינס, דוברות משרד הביטחון

Minister of Defense and Prime Minister visited the area to inspect the progress of the project will serve as a central development landscape. אט”ל head:” the Annunciation and technological progress. “

תאריך: 11/07/2013, 14:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל ואלעד לביא, אט”ל

מעבר צה”ל לנגב
שר הביטחון

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Boogie Yaalon accompanied this week to advance technological and Logistics Directorate (אט”ל), Kobi Barak visiting the guidance located in the Negev. To the escort patrol Deputy Chief-of-staff, major general Gadi eisencott and other senior Defense Ministry and leading the project.

“The establishment of basic ICT skills training aside and intelligence
Created a focal point and knowledge are among the largest in the world “, said the Prime Minister during the visit. During the visit presented the progress of the project, which moved the rear bases for the training area. In addition, many areas used by
In the center of the country, and these are now being devoted to construction of residential buildings.

The move is expected to
To increase the amount of population in the South, and it is believed that more than 40 percent of the soldiers and set to serve in ICT training, and intelligence are expected to move to nearby cities. “Personally I got to lay the cornerstone for the training as Commander in Chief, eight years ago,” said Defense Minister visiting day. “An essential move.
And, which gives solutions to the needs of the IDF and the security forces, but mostly gives huge impetus to wipe “, said Minister Ya’alon.

According to him, beyond the IDF
Wipe win into a tremendous improvement and new infrastructure and protected. “Tens of thousands of people who arrive here, plus reserve duty soldiers bring momentum to the Negev,” noted. The move is expected to bring the periphery to the Centre, and to create new high-tech centers in the South. “It happens due to the fact that the old army as the technological center of gravity to the South,” said the Defense Minister. In summary words indicate that “the IDF will provide the momentum and would pave the way for a massive development will bring. I have no doubt that we’re in the midst of a historic event. “

Meanwhile, the head of the technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak, clearing the bases and the training development. “The Annunciation and technological progress with regard to training,” noted. “The career preparation of their rookies to training of reservists, and take care of them and combine them around,” said the champion. “Technological and Logistics Directorate edit to the center of gravity of about 30,000 soldiers and set”.



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