Defense Minister to recruits: warning against balance created our enemies.

שר הביטחון, היום. צילום: משרד הביטחון

Minister Moshe Ya’alon (logical) met with recruits to the artillery corps and chat
With the importance. “You reach a relatively calm period in the army, but not self-evident,” he says.

תאריך: 29/07/2013, 15:33    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

שר הביטחון
משה יעלון

The Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon (logical) arrived today (Monday) to the artillery corps and conversed with fresh recruits. “I am convinced that you have a lot of shutting
Stomach, such had enlisted. You are going into the unknown, but long before the IDF this can pick you, point you can direct you according to what you know and are able to offer and commanding positions, also be officers who. All this provided that you come with a highly motivated, “said Minister Ya’alon to recruits.

The Defense Minister told the recruits that they come to the army seem relatively calm, but it’s not obvious, because for example in Syria were already several border incidents, who eventually brought the sources that destroyed it in most cases, artillery
And in some cases even armored Corps. “

He noted that “we have created a balance of deterrence in the Golan and despite what happens in Syria, they dare not break the silence, and when that happens we immediately respond accordingly. This is true within the Gaza Strip and the Sinai border, which is a lively. There are attacks on the Egyptian army has the HFC’s forces along the borders, has the operational unit in the South, and protect this border to keep quiet. “

“When we talk about protection against threat missiles and rockets, so unfortunately
Our enemies directed mainly against fire. We saw it in South Gaza, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Netivot, Beersheba, Hezbollah and elements
Others can shoot here, and we’re trying to prevent an attack came by their capabilities, by defense systems, citizens need to know to protect and act correctly in alarm, knowing what to do, how to manage, somewhere to go so as not to endanger his life and home front command rescue missions have, in natural disasters,
Both in Israel and in the world “.

“Each of you will have challenges and service jobs that are important to the security of Israel. So part of it will gain professional knowledge and the professionalism with which you have to face, “concluded Minister Ya’alon.

Translated from Hebrew