Deputy Chief toured the Negev “eisencott is impressive to see the fulfillment of a vision”

אלוף אייזנקוט במהלך הסיור, השבוע. צילום: אט”ל

Major General Gadi eisencott patrol Sunday in southern command, stood at IDF project progress across South

תאריך: 31/01/2013, 19:14    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Two weeks after arriving for duty as Deputy Chief of staff major general Gadi eisencott, the southern command’s first tour: visit eisencott champion with value factors in command and the Defense Ministry building. The purpose of the visit was the impression and the IDF administration projects in the South of mrachva
The country, as part of aiarchotho to move south.

Deputy Chief of staff about a guided tour of the training, there’s probably featured in the face, and the first buildings were and given an overview of further stages in the project such as the expansion of transportation infrastructure will allow a comfortable arrival. She added that the programme plan of cooperation with the University for recognition of courses taught in the training of professional courses that will move them up in credits if they want to continue school academics.

“The guidance is not only project אט”לי project צה”לי that affect the military and our country”, said the head of the training manager, Lieutenant Colonel Shalom alfasi who conducted the tour. He later attended general Gadi eisencott in the tradition of tree training and planted in the park adjacent to the campus.

Later in the day he visited the Vice Chief of the Intelligence Service Directorate, technology campus
Which are also building procedures. “It’s impressive to see that vision that started before
For so many years, today like in Vice Chief of staff, said, “in this way, I wouldn’t be surprised that Israel Defense Forces begin to move here in the next two years.

Translated from Hebrew