Designed “challenge completed an operational exercise in the Galilee and Golan Heights

The designed used in regular forces and the reserves, while the image of scenarios
Different operations for the emergency powers. In previous lessons learned and applied the lessons of Lebanon II

תאריך: 25/09/2011, 13:21    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Designed “challenge completed last week a comprehensive operations in the Galilee and Golan Heights, during which the forces participated in regular and reserve Division.
The exercise scenarios mimic various operational and emergency forces readiness.

As part of the exercise were to take earlier exercises to implementation and take the second Lebanon war Exercise also incorporated weapons systems and new information in order to improve the combat capability in the sector. The exercise was attended by the Division’s senior officers meet and Commander of northern command, Gen. Yair Golan, which was updated during the task.

It should be noted that exercise is predetermined according to the graph the annual training and regular training program in order to be prepared for a scenario.

Translated from Hebrew