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הרמטכ”ל בתרגיל “חיצי האש”, השבוע

The reserve’s landscaped central command has rich, divisional exercise in cooperation with the air forces and special units

תאריך: 01/12/2011, 17:06    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

“The fire” of arrows decorated central command, has today (Thursday) regimental exercise, and challenges means rich Despite serious safety incident in which artillery was wrong not caused casualties, the exercise continued as planned, but without the use of artillery forces.

During a long weekend tested reserve fighters at various Division. During the exercise, the Division experienced in fighting in built-up area in fighting complicate, adopted with
Weights, fighting in underground laying, country space occupation and use
Advanced technology systems.

Over the weekend held fruitful collaboration between jets and helicopter gunships, artillery, infantry, armor and special forces. To get the actual exercise, training Division a week and a half earlier and made herself. The Division conducted training under watchful eyes of senior GoC army headquarters and central command, and Lieutenant General, Chief of staff
Benny Gantz. Also, the Division headquarters service is tested separately by MJ (a division of headquarters training), she practiced the officers directly.

In exercise recorded extensive use of advanced technology systems. Representatives of the company Elbit Systems ‘ were present in the IDF site explained that “the current embedded at the newest version of the Chief (Army: digital control system of ז”י)
Company level to brigade level. They said, “there is at the latest version of checkmate checkmate 400 600 instead (and start), and ‘ beacon ‘ (control and command to live). Moreover, for the first time went to the reserve Brigade of the State radio ‘ Elad ‘ green allows the transfer of information efficiently in real time of the materials considered “heavy” as video materials.

Operations officer, Maj. auble arrows designed that, from that new measures are for a quantum leap. “There is a great added value in cooperation with the highway.
A lot of information, “explains the XO” optimizes and reduces information sharing processes better. Here, for example, now I write for them next command and shares everything, while
Once we prescribe the order of nylons he demonstrates. “However, the technology will never replace the commanders in the field, and that’s what makes the difference,” said
From a major.

Translated from Hebrew