“Devil’s advocate”: this is the charge control Department

קציני מודיעין. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

40 years after “Control Department gets more and more powers, and working across and in front of the Prime Minister this was. Head of Department: “prevent researchers have hostage” concept

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מחבר: זאק רוזנצוויג, בלוג צה”ל

ראש אמ”ן
מחלקת הבקרה
קהיליית המודיעין

You can see where the jury of his critics. professions is to dispel ideas that seem like common sense and contradict some of the smartest hanlistim working for the intelligence community. 40 years later was established as part of the “lessons”, the Department’s staff of UM have more work than ever.

Although the control panel is one of the small intelligence units in the IDF, a limited part in the assessment of risks facing the country. The work it is engaged not only in a broad range of intelligence disciplines-terrorism attacks to non-weapon convenziunal, but also in a broad spectrum of professions and intelligence measures. “We’re exposed to everything we do in research and intelligence gathering,” he explained in an interview with the Department Commander, Colonel Sun.

“Even with all the processes and structured surfaces, marble can always fall”, explained רמ”ח. “We greatly reduce the frequency of mistakes do intelligence investigators. We’re the ones that prevent people from being captives “concept.

“Generate questions that others don’t think about.”

The Department is known for its use in the technique of “istabra ipacha”, in which officers of the Department of intelligence material and try to bring him the opposite conclusion to the one used in the Research Division personnel. They are required to assess the intelligence community assessments and to bring reasoned alternative.

Using this technique, the Department performs a careful and rigorous review of key intelligence security system of checks based on the question “is indeed the facts support the conclusions which the researchers. The control class is trying to attract alternative ideas also same set of data which were the original hokreim and by review of intelligence material. Above all, they are trying to figure out whether the conclusions are well founded only on facts or on assumptions developed by the skilled person.

“Our force is very small but skillful, expert people for a wide range of intelligence disciplines and professions,” said Colonel a. “We’re getting materials, they
Generate questions that others don’t think about them generally. No conclusions are expected which may think the Department control soldiers can reach senior commanders and the intelligence system.

“We’re putting ideas don’t have to be true,” said רמ”ח.
“Our job is to help people who we contact anyone realize they may need to examine themselves again and see if you made a mistake. Could it be my direct Commander, gave head and these can be Research Department analysts or intelligence bodies of IDF command

Contradict against the institution: the army exceeds effect

To control the effect that exceeds many. since 96 ‘, started sharing reports directly with the most senior level of decision-making, including the Prime Minister, Defense Minister and the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Parliament. In this respect,
Freedom communications to Disneyland only against the highest echelons, as similar units
In the world.

You can also see another way expanded responsibility in the fact that the unit is also responsible for reviewing the other’s intelligence in the intelligence community, including the Institute for intelligence and special duties unit and compares estimates obtained in the study of the various agencies and emphasizes the differences before the key intelligence consumers.

“Devil’s advocate”: this is the charge control Department

Subject directly to charge head on picture: spring Champion Tour’s stars in the Golan Heights.

The Department techniques expose the nature of
The military. In a world ruled by law and order, the Department encourages open discussion and character debate, undermining the ideas that commanders, captured a significant part in the Intelligence Division’s nature as a whole.

“The most impressive thing is the junior an officer ordered soldiesr reaches a certain idea., and encourages him to show it to the whole class,” said Colonel a.  “Assuming that it is appropriate to examine it, we do the obvious and in some cases gave the idea comes to mind.

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