Dimona bombing: one dead in the commercial center in the city.

Israeli killed in suicide bombing in Dimona today at 10:30 a.m. • two azatis with explosive vests arrived, one blew himself up at the Mall and the other was shot and killed by a police officer before he blew himself up to Soroka Hospital were rushed 30 injured, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades • human and the PFLP took responsibility for the bombing.

תאריך: 02/02/2008, 16:34    
מחבר: גלי צה”ל און-ליין

Killed and several wounded in a bomb explosion in downtown Jerusalem: two suicide bombers with explosive belts, arrived at 10:30. One of the bombers managed to detonate his explosives belt, and the other was badly wounded and managed to blow himself.
Civilians who came to treat him, saw the bomb and fled. A few minutes later came a police officer Kobi Mor, belonging to an elite unit and shot the bomber dead.

The other, unexploded, was deactivated by the police bomb squad. The police officer who shot the second bomber, gave his testimony and questioned by security officials. The police forces established
Roadblocks on the road leading to the centers and who in the South of the country, for fear of attack

Israeli killed and a number wounded, one in critical condition.

Large forces of David and police forces instead. The Magen David Adom declared
Mass casualty incident (אר”ן). Ceo of Magen David Adom said wavy IDF known him: “according to information we have, there is an area about 10 injured, three of them seriously wounded. In various degrees of injury. Some make their way to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva. There are 20 intensive that manipulate the wounded at the scene.

Beersheba fire spokesman said IDF waves that came in at 10:30 a.m. explosion leads in the commercial center “has estimated casualties including fatalities. The local team dispatched to the scene and after forces are on alert. “

To me the 10 wounded were brought to Soroka in various degrees of injury.

The Soroka Hospital arrived 10 injured: one, 2 medium and the rest injured – are in intensive care. Director of Soroka Hospital, Mickey resin,
Elaborated in the wave of hospital preparations: “we put the hospital on alert.
We’re the emergency room. Trauma team have reinforced. We are prepared to accept a few wounded.
, If “.

Kim, an eyewitness at the scene of the attack, told Israeli army radio that she “heard a large explosion and people started to run. It’s a day of sunshine and everyone came out and came to the Mall. State, with downtown business: “I don’t want to close now there. I understand there are several dead and wounded. “

Optical shop owner, in the commercial Center: “I was inside the shop and heard the blast.
And we figured that it was a gas cylinder explosion. We didn’t think it was a terrorist attack. We went out.
And we saw some horrible-looking. I tried to help the wounded and tried to contact her.

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