Division 401: “don’t watch special difficulties.

More than ever, well-trained and armed with sophisticated technology systems as “trophy”, the Division’s soldiers and Armored Division 401 in the ready mode

תאריך: 19/11/2012, 23:39    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Now providing the operation “page
“There is, in addition to fighting, increased preparedness towards the bottom.
To the Gaza Strip. Among the soldiers in the tanks and APCs, saturated the atmosphere is an atmosphere of war in every sense of the word. Fighters and commanders are expecting now teaching, and now the beginning of the operation, they practice, practice, and thus prepared for the scenario.

“Traces” designed, full armored brigade is
401, which operates the most modern “tank Merkava Mark 4” with “trophy”, is at the southern end of this period. In battle there is no doubt that its role is crucial, especially with the advanced technology capabilities mmagnot the tank active protection system for identifying and destroying anti-tank missiles. Head the Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel David told the IDF website that “the practice of very high-frequency contour and carrots all over the country.
It is prepared and ready for any task, and certainly the last performer seems current. The Division, which arrived here last Thursday, packed up its tanks from Jordan where torgla Valley in the past two weeks as part of the exercise, its operational alert in preparation for a fresh operation.


Division 401: “don’t watch special difficulties.

401 runs the “trophy”, whose role is to find and identify in real time an anti-tank weapon threats, evaluate the optimal interception, and destroy him away from the vehicle on which the protection system. “The system provides a rapid response capacity, high fire maneuver best today and significantly. It includes command and control system and a fire fight, and thus adds value to the Division, which is expressed in the excellent results which get “, said Lieutenant Colonel David. “Unlike operation
Cast lead, we reach the current operation with enhanced and more, and “trophy” that didn’t exist four years ago. In addition we’re trained in sector, we practice and practice and work, and
The latter made the final adjustments to the operation, “he said.
“Ultimately, with correct maneuver nothing can stop us, and this must stop,” we don’t expect any special difficulties. Meanwhile, Col. David explained that the main objective is strengthening the deterrent, with all that entails. “We want to hit the enemy’s infrastructure on the one hand and on the other to make a difference on the consciousness-to deter toshbano direction songs is wrong. The real test will be when doing and see whether the calm is maintained and for how long.

Majestic granite: “operational employment Bayou made us fighting in a built-up area.”

The Division also rests, together with gdodia and Recon, are fully alert and waiting for the order. Troop Commander, Lieutenant Colonel granite oshik, told IDF site on professional preparation and the last battalion, intense moment towards the South and towards the bottom entrance option.
“Soldiers of the regiment were in the middle of combat employment in Bethel and Ramallah.
The fact is that which make us the best way to combat the type of future
(Urban warfare-Yun), “said Lieutenant Colonel oshik, noting that” the line is the best training we could provide a battalion, the patrols and arrests they make him daily. Practiced a lot the subject of the urban space and fighting we fragmented. “

Division 401: “don’t watch special difficulties.

The Regiment, according to the Mag, is a very high level of readiness and prepared for a scenario and for each task. “Once the logon command is given, the high preparedness exercise in which we are well reflected,” he said. In addition, Lt. Col. oshik noted that the battalion knows the lessons of operation cast lead and implement them in the operative is intense and serious, and he sure implementing it well battalion as soon as necessary.
“The battalion, Brigade, Division and the entire army will face each and every task that we will challenge, the goal is to prevent steep trajectory and firing rockets into Israel State,” he said.


Translated from Hebrew