Do feel like regular reserve

The 188 saluted the fighters of the Division, which last met on the operation “pillar”. Brain: “Let us reservists
Feel there is who to trust. “

תאריך: 28/01/2013, 10:45    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Two months after that popped up to offer ‘ pillar ‘, the 188 decided to salute the fighters of the Division. To do so, their exclusion weekend early, and special awards event which received recognitions of their activities.

“Although we met recently in operation, wanted to thank the troops,” said the IDF site Commander, major general ido iizkovitz פלס”ר 188. “We live in a country where being pilot this is not normal like they used to, so it is important that we say thanks to those who contribute. The Brigade Commander, Col. shmulik olansky 188 said in remarks at the event that “reserve personnel let us feel that we have who to trust and give us commanders the feeling. Operation ‘ pillar ‘ prove us the necessity and importance of the evening “.

At least three exercises per year.

The uniqueness of פלס”ר 188 is power building which consists entirely of Champions
Reserve. The company is a regular tour company for all intents and purposes and is intended to be operational force front operations, whether in open labor or construction. The company consists
A variety of soldiers, ex-7 פלס”ר some of which some organic capability team,
And others came together during the service.

Due to the fact that regular company required to reserve many days and same service applies. To take part in three reservists exercises at least two years, among all the Division exercises and exercises plugatis locally. “We
Consist of a variety of reserve soldiers between guys just released some who soon end the reserve service, “explained Maj. iizkovitz, the level usually belong to regular Division of regulars, but for us it’s a regular unit that consists of reservists and therefore relative to the exclusion rule we practice a lot.”

Think what the exclusion regular fighters? “I talk to my boyfriend at least once a week. There’s always whining before, but when they come and see you all friends. The high morale of reservists always. “

Translated from Hebrew