Do muscles: 188 in the health and fitness month

The northern command stormed the IDF headquarters, introducing ה”זומבה” sweating the reserve like a boot camp and the Navy christened a new gym.

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מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, יעל ליבנת, מתן גלין ורותם פאסו – אתר צה”ל

In sum, with satisfaction the month of the annual meeting, which is part of a broader plan to change in physical culture and led by combat fitness Department in GoC army headquarters. As part of this month’s events were held in all IDF units in the air, land and sea, aimed at raising awareness, change habits, cultural assimilation and the values of a healthy lifestyle.

Month of the year was marked by “controls in lifestyles, of thinking and understanding that IDF commanders are at the forefront of promoting activity lifestyles in IDF units.

The IDF considers fitness culture and value. Various sports activities
Key leadership, competitiveness, and excellence as a professional army. Army
The units and commanders, warriors have physical strength and health and mental health, contributing to improve the ability to perform any task in training and on the battlefield.

Northern command – run to the stairs.

As part of the event, held at the northern command “run stairs, one of commanding general, dozens of soldiers. Dressed in sports clothes and sports shirts of northern command, were running between the various services of the command – and at the end of the three race wins.

The Commander of northern command, Gen. Yair Golan, said he was “impressed by what’s happening in the army in combat, as well as the in command. I keep all my life and for me it’s nothing special, but people have changed their ways of life. People who have never practiced running regularly, maintain a proper diet and stopped smoking or have reduced that drastically.

In addition, Gen. Golan of IDF combat fitness, operational level.
“The army is moving to where it needs to be both Warrior and enterprise organization. He’s a warrior.
A warrior, and he must be physically fit. The shape affects the level of alertness, ability to work hard over a long period of time and the ability to withstand stress, “said the champion.

Between ה”זומבה ‘ brunch – command post in display example

Meanwhile, this month also health and fitness including IDF command post, titled “Valour”. Beyond the brunch to “Zumba” class,
Paid off about 70 officers and ngdoth of all IDF arms, ten activities around about improving health and fitness. The venture industry day lifestyles in IDF combat fitness.

“One of the goals of the day was to expose women to ה”מובילות groups, fitness groups
The IDF command post, operating under weekly report catches momentum among military wives, “said one of the Group mamanot, Sgt. Miguel Attias was also used ‘ workout officer.
The Kingfisher. “Most women who arrived today in record group and it was their first experience within military training,” she says.

רמ”ד lifestyles, Maj. Michael Dagan, said” see geography during the day you can do well in sports, with a smile and a female-oriented, competitive. According to the comments I saw the girls really enjoyed it. We want to carry the day.
Once a year and make it wider scope “tradition.

Among the women, no positive responses were delayed from reaching. “The experience of coaching in the group is special and different from personal sports,” said רמ”ד women, major waves of Eilat, Member of the group” lead “since its opening. “It gives strength and energy, why not you give to others. I think the most important thing today is a personal example-keeping officer fitness and a healthy lifestyle is setting an example for underlings. Each becomes sending where it serves – and it’s worth it, “she says.

The reserves – the belly off of citizenship

Combat fitness is maintained among the reserve units of the IDF, shachtivat
406 אוגמ”ר 80 ‘s reserve, also took part in the Yom Kippur service fonts. Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Tomer Weinberg, one of the border Division, said that “the issue of physical fitness is essential for basic qualification required of operators, including the reserve personnel during combat.

Sports day which began in the morning at the WinGate Institute, opens with a preface on the subject of the importance of physical fitness and the relationship between the fitness. “This day is very important.
That means we need to raise the level of awareness and the level of our activity is that physical fitness is an integral part in our qualification, “said Lieutenant Colonel Weinberg. Later in the day.
The men underwent Pilates and kickboxing, and ended with a lecture about the importance of diet and lifestyle.

Lieutenant Colonel Weinberg said that “we are at the beginning of a process which I hope we can have this day at least twice a year if not more. If we on the process and have the subject, we can produce more meanings, such as fitness tests to reserve personnel.

With Lieutenant Colonel Weinberg embedded value the importance of physical fitness, and he himself ran twice a week and works out regularly. The Meg reserves is only one of the day.
Keeping up a healthy lifestyle. “The truth is that my bgadod fitness topic of level is very high level of awareness, we run together long distance runs,” he says.

Navy – new gym at the base of Haifa

And the Navy chose last week to inaugurate a brand-new fitness Navy base in Haifa as part of a broader plan to improve combat in fitness and the IDF.
Chief himself assumes that in the next three years constructed a total of 80 new sports facilities in all IDF bases.

The Navy sought to improve physical fitness of thousands of the soldiers at the base.
Therefore, it was decided to build a new gym, at a cost of 1.5 million dollars.
The Grand opening, pioneered sports instructors base their new sports devices, together with Deputy Commander, Col. Yossi method and combat fitness Mr., Col. avi Moyal.

Head of IDF combat fitness, Colonel AVI Moyal, referred to the process built on IDF bases concerning the soldiers. “We are in the process of revolutionizing the field of combat in fitness, to progress in the health and fitness, especially the inadequate combat. I’m sure the gym would be a quantum leap in this, “said Col. Moyal to locate.

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