Do reserve service maybe deserve funding postgraduate studies

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From the conclusions of the Committee: IDF funding program MA to Legion commanders: “the Israeli population should cultivate” || Following operation cliff “: often the training cost

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מחבר: גילי קופר ונטע לוי, אתר צה”ל


With the reserve personnel: dry wing Fund from October the degree to retired officers, “momentum” program, built a year.
The latest conclusions on reserve Committee chaired by the champion Ronnie Noma. It was decided to title sponsor will be in security policy studies, within the Department of political science at Bar-Ilan University. The funding will be provided to reservists selected 35-the vast majority of
He, and the rest סמג”דים company commanders and potential for advancement. Degree will take three academic simsterim. “Some of the reasons because we opened the program is high demand”, said head of GoC army reserves Colonel, Amir
Alive. “These are people who work and possible their family and investing their time,
As during marine reserves where they are absent from home.

“Momentum” is a similar upgrade program in the last decade and has been discontinued due to lack of demand. The program, called “Corps”, is also to fund a master’s degree in security policy studies and in collaboration with Bar Ilan. “Previously the servants came in the afternoon and during the day, and the studies were longer,” explained רמ”ח reserve. “From our understanding that this population we need to nurture, we decided to develop a new and shorter model of study, in order to preserve the attractiveness for reservists.

The conclusions of the Committee the name captains for handling stress, even to thank-you from
The IDF, and for raising the professionalism. “We are in a period of changes and implementation of conclusions,” said Colonel lived. “This is not a condition for continuing a military career, but another option open to the servants,” he added.

The title was chosen for political science studies, but in order to create a direct link between military role to academic knowledge. “About ocholusia of commanders in the field, and they will learn the relevant subject is manifested in their command, head of the Faculty Department manpower Directorate, Maj. Dana Dahan. “My Department would advise the new program from the academic side-choosing the domain school, an institution of learning, learning, payments and more.

Another extensive project about an emphasis on dry wing is the product of several reserve formation training, inter alia because of the lessons of “Cliff” which reinforced the recognition of importance.
“We’re playing inside a median add-on of reserve brigades training even in the reserves, consumption and for being”, said Colonel lived. “Whether we will succeed in realizing
The model as it is over three years-we can tell if he was as much a qualification and are ready for war, “he clarified. He said the motivation of the array. “We see that in the emergency recruitment and ongoing hatiizbuity.
Fighters and commanders there want to undertake this responsibility. “


Translated from Hebrew