Do they have eyes: introducing the company’s first observations in

סגן (מיל’) מיכל קרן דרור

Lieutenant General (Res.) Keren Dror tank was appointed recently to the company the first observation, which paved the way for the transformation of the company and also to change the role. “Hope I started a tradition,” she says.

תאריך: 25/07/2012, 19:27    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

The day finishes Vice (Res.) Keren Dror tank, leave her imprint is unique. Recently elected Deputy (Res.) Keren to be the company headquarters, observations and paved the way to change the company and change the face of the part. The last training had proved Vice company (reserve) tank is no different and opposing theocratic viewpoint rests the determination was promoted, and appreciated honest Warrior side.

“It’s something I made observations since joining”, says Lieutenant (Res.) Keren to ether
The IDF, “.. served in Gaza and strongly for professionals. Later I decided to contribute much reserve and people asked me what will reserve me back in. My surroundings offered that focus on career, claiming that no one appreciates that I first time into these things. “

But Lieutenant General (Res.) Keren Dror saw the company fell in love with her observations, and decided that she wanted to donate her lot. In company there are many reserve soldiers who served as a lookout in the regular service, emergency locators missile hits Israel with sophisticated territory. “I wanted to make a difference and contribute, even if it will cost me in personal life,” she says.

Lieutenant General (Res.) Keren Dror had decided to relocate to Rifleman 03, similar to, and as from the company. He later made Vice (Res.) Keren Dror turned to expired in ROTC, אב”ך and finished it. Then, in one of the training, the officers meet discovered
Her: “I did turned it training, tax was present for personal reasons.
He appointed another officer, but eventually it was. The soldiers turned and mostly was logistics. In practice, which consisted mainly of individual exercises-practice squad, also a Deputy of the father and the Majles, Commander
The practice of it, approached and told me I was wasted and that they wanted me in. “

Due to her loyalty to the company, Lieutenant General (Res.) Keren Dror to adhere to and to stay in. Co-existence turned again to Lieutenant (Ret.), and told her the County chief wants to replace, and offered her the coveted role. “It was a big surprise,” she laughs, “very quickly summoned to an interview with the provincial Commander, told me that he
Want a man and he didn’t understand why so tight it would be me. He preferred
At the same time someone who was fighting, and was already in past, and still my first company’s role. He wanted a man with a knife between your teeth, which can lead the company is cutting edge and every fighter. “

“A woman never served in that role. Who was been on duty for 15 years, and was
With the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and company consists of 60% and 40% fighters, and warriors.
Many “she describes, and also says that officers meet and pkodia get it appreciated. “It’s amazing to see the soldiers go on the field with your eyes closed,” she says, “I saw my commanding general I managed to gain people’s respect, which is ultimately what drives them. One of the guys I was afraid of his reaction, which is 38 and serves as one of the commanders position, calling on behalf of the company buildings and said that they reach age 40, the age reserves, enough that I ask them to come and they will pop up. It was amazing to hear it “.

Lieutenant General (Res.) Keren Dror argues that “it would be naïve of me to say that not every woman who made a major breakthrough came with fear, but she needs to know what you get and give their foothold. I hope I’m starting a tradition. “

Translated from Hebrew