Doctors on the rise

Dozens of doctors have finished medical IDF officers course and began his service as military doctors. A large proportion of the participants made aliyah in order to achieve the significant role

תאריך: 05/08/2012, 09:14    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

On the orders of the 2010 stand last week about 30 officers, mostly in their 30s, dream – achieve it being a medical officer in the IDF so
Ended his regular medical officers course. Regular course קר”פ is the hailit of completion slated to serve as doctors in a course starts in medicine within military reserve. In the summer, during the school year they undergo basic training, paramedics and officers course. After medical school to military service, come to school.
Military medicine. There are supplementary professional buyers – to be military doctors.

The future officers training course at the outward bound thing, fire drills, navigation and control of נגמ”שים and practice medical response in combat conditions, with trackers.
“The academic reserve military service are made, and therefore need to prepare them for conditions on the ground,” explained Capt. קר”פ course control, Dr. dirt. “The military route is a long training in the Israel Defense Forces (4 years, academic year internship, as well as all military training during their studies and complete a hiilit harochot who is in the military).
The track managed to attract quality people. Most of the students in the course requested
To reach the combat units. “

Amazingly, some of the azzoarim are immigrants or veterans. Some even raised
In particular, in order to serve in the IDF as medical officers. “This role, on the one hand you’re a doctor and you are as close as possible with the soldiers combatants – manages to attract Jews from abroad,” explains captain. Among the cadets could find new and old immigrants from England, Latvia and many other countries, argetina.

One of them is Dr. Emanuel Attlee, Deputy from Paris eight years ago in order to enlist. Emanuel was assigned for duty medical officer in the Division of “anti-Semitism.
France and terrible the intifada in Israel at the time, had persuaded me to go abroad
And to serve in the military, “said Dr. Attali,” at first I wanted to serve in combat, but because my parents decided that I refused to serve in the field – and joined as a doctor.

Lieutenant Dr. Bashir infiltrates, even gave up the andsoth reserve and a pilot course to get to the course. “From an early age I realized I want to be a doctor, said Dr. infiltrates” the course
And formulating the aircraft crashed into me, which put me in a very difficult dilemma. Eventually I decided to choose medicine – step I don’t regret to this day. Dr. Bashir starts the orbit in the military the first popping in the Golani Brigade.

Translated from Hebrew