Dogs for airplanes.

הכלב “סטרייק” בבסיס רמת דוד. צילום: חיל האוויר

At Ramat David recruited the dog “strike to deal creatively with the migratory birds en masse, challenging the planes. And Yes, it really works.

תאריך: 25/03/2012, 09:49    
מחבר: לילך גונן, אתר חיל האוויר

With the beginning of spring, foundation-level is filled with flowers. The scenic
Prominent color only flight paths, surrounded by Earth and empty. And why? Season of migration.

Birds are a constant problem for the air force in General, and particularly in Ramat David,
Located in the heart of the Valley farmer under path of migratory birds. During the migration
The problem is only getting worse, and the risk of accidents is almost doubled. The Northern officials tried to resolve the problem in an original way – and the “strike”.

Strike is serious and professional, to put terror on the birds and keep them out of the aircraft. It does not hurt the birds, but according to sucess-apparently they never heard a Barking Dog doesn’t bite.

Together with its owner, biologist Hagai Kufstein, helps strike the base to create problematic environment as possible for the cost. “If there will be fewer attractions, the birds will go to other places in the Valley,” Hagai. To handle the birds flooding my name, trying to handle all the underlying ecosystem.

“The birds are actually the tip of the pyramid, we have btachtita Herbarium”, explains, “once holidays are no Herbarium, no bugs, lizards and rodents and birds there.
Just don’t have a reason to be here. “

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Translated from Hebrew