Don’t lose touch.

טקס הזיכרון בחטיבה הצפונית, החודש. צילום: אלבום פרטי

In the signal Corps detachment of the Northern Brigade in Gaza Division never forget the soldiers who suffered from mental illness on the roads. The families of the victims visited the month in company, and their major

תאריך: 20/02/2013, 15:56    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The date 17 January 2010 Abbie and family-Holy Family won’t forget forever. Children, 20 soldiers, just wanted to get to the Northern Division based in the Gaza Strip as every Sunday when the shmullch drive car veered and hit another car head-on. Karin and Orr were killed on the spot.

This month came the families bereaved families in the presence of the force brigade commanders rule that served them. “See this day not to go through the motions, and I actually do it wholeheartedly,” said Karin’s mother, Shula Shitrit, “we get to meet up with other parents didn’t know and connect.

Don’t lose touch.

“This relationship is very important to us because as far as we are concerned very much stayed at the company. The bereaved families in middle school.

Sheetrit added that “this day feels that remember that there was a girl named Karin and she did what she did and she was killed, which is a paper that was lost. It feels a little better, there’s more context, like anything else that Karin.
Mother of light, accessory that feelings, and said that “this relationship is very important to us because as far as we’re concerned there is light, the company contact. The relationship, which is rooted in the very Division support and understand us. “

In addition, the signal Corps detachment has a memorial to the martyrs in four segments of road accidents. “Their albums have pictures running and presentation”, told IDF website contact officer North Division, Maj. Alon polishuk. “This is our centers and a company passes and receive an explanation of the heritage. It is important to move through the room, it is important to keep yourself and things like these can happen unexpectedly, “said.

“The family is very important. We try to send soldiers to hear the story of the families and having relatively continuous, contacted said Maj. polishuk, “parents are very much related to our important segments they knew that nothing aplachi with them and stays
With them. It’s a tradition and contributes to all parties “.

Translated from Hebrew