Don’t want to dance, want to Gunners

איתי שלו, אז – והיום

Sonya began his dance career at the age of 7. After already selling כ”רקדן best, preferred to give up the title and join the artillery corps

תאריך: 19/03/2012, 12:05    
מחבר: אלמוג חלמסקי, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Sonya (18), Alfei Menashe, started his dance track at age 7 and never stopped. After studying at Thelma Yellin high school of Arts “, in
Outstanding כ”רקדן” and assured his place in the band “fresco”. Not as expected – at the last minute he decided to relinquish the title in favor of combat service. Today (Monday) he enlisted.
The artillery corps, the biretta of Turquoise.

Itai began dancing at the age of seven, in a community in Alfei Menashe. Although I was pretty lazy, he couldn’t pass up the dance. “I started dancing three or four times a week. I was doing ballet lessons, modern, hip hop, jazz, composition. It
Was a big part of my life, “he says. His talent soon stood out above all in 8th grade and decided that he wanted to expand the field of dance in his life and began to audition for the prestigious school of fine arts “Thelma Yellin” batinis. “There were a lot of ways-modern and ballet lessons, solo, theoretical tests in English and mathematics and personal interviews with program and Director of the school.

Don’t want to dance, want to Gunners

With ל”תלמה miles, it kept me dancing ballet for him in Cyprus and later in Salzburg and New York. Then came the summer of 12th grade “me was at home to take care of all the doors will be available to me, no matter what I decide.
Available so I can navigate my life “, he says little about the background which led him to audition and be accepted into” best dancer “, which was supposed to give him the service in order to continue his dancing career. In parallel, he continued access to troupes auditions and his place in the dance troupe “fresco”.
And then – the twist
“I’ve decided to seal an outstanding dancer waiver and quit the band. Fulfilled the dance. Raised, no matter how kindergartens to serve in the IDF, even if I have a career in America. I decided that since I’m going to dance do the service
As significant as I can in the IDF, he describes.

With me joining the artillery corps following his Lieutenant Shahar, currently serving in the artillery manual shibeta. “When I got drafted to this force was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life,” told me. “There are between me and my sister.
A very special relationship, I couldn’t ask for better. She was really excited I Continentals and I continued the lineage of artillery and I’d love to go on and become an officer in the force “.

Today, he enlisted in the artillery corps-compiled technology “facelift” in recent years. “I wish to be motivated recruits, to take it all in fun, and think are friends,” he says, just before boarding a bus to the gates of the recruitment office.

Translated from Hebrew