Don’t want to hear a peep: the section that prevents accidents with birds.

Air force aircraft may encounter birds 250 times a year, but its radar and situation in the campus concerned that those human and wing-tiporeim don’t be surprised each other.

תאריך: 22/04/2013, 14:43    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

They are a danger to airplanes, they threaten Israel’s air space and the air force has lost because of 11 aircraft and three air crew. In the campus air force also established a special hotline to handle them. No, this is not a lethal anti-aircraft squad that if enemy seems much more innocent, but don’t let the feathers and mitamm look fool you – birds are a real danger to planes. For this purpose the air safety and bird generation in air force headquarters. At the top of the section about major Oded, a Navigator and a master’s degree in zoology.

“Our goal is to provide a solution to conflicts between animals, mainly birds, and in flight safety,” the head of the IDF website. For this purpose the activates various means, including land and air force headquarters. But what is the greatest danger in birds? Birds and planes of protesters both high presence in Israel’s airspace, airspace and our limited chances for accidents. Therefore, section go all the data it can collect on the subject. “The focus of our birds
We pit building puzzle-picture of bird migration in space “, described the Rama.

Same information comes from various sensors in space, basic flight, birds
Amateurs and professionals from around the country, and its birds that radar, Sir.
“At the moment we have two main radar covering the North and South, and we are in the process of acquisition of additional radar that will allow us to cover more of the contiguous air space,” said Maj. Oded. The totality of this information is passed to the control towers and air control units that puts him to pilots if necessary-Airman doesn’t want to experience a stork or two. “We have no ability to affect the movement of the birds,” explained Maj. Oded, “so we’re trying to separate the birds and planes in time and space.

But not quite same atmosphere Featherbed opponent defensive – even the presence on the ground has an impact on the force. “Birds are landing on the tracks and launch are a real danger,” bright “, so our goal is to make the flight to less attractive to animals. Air force fool – and disturbing migratory birds
It, it bothers them back; Civil society working with us for over a decade, which generates Border Collie dogs to disturb the birds and scare them from the flight.

Don’t want to hear a peep: the section that prevents accidents with birds.

Beyond nature. Photo: air force

Since the establishment of the section to the present, the data demonstrate the importance of the task: reduction of
70% of aviation accidents related to birds. “You have to distinguish between accidents to run-ins. The number of run-ins remained steady over the years and stands at about 250 skirmishes. Of course we aim to lower the number of run-ins, but for that we need to just stop flying, “said the head of the section. And it’s probably not something the air force will soon.

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