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אמנון דירקטור, דובר צה”ל

For years the Ethiopian members faced with inadequate science inlay
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“Amir”. “You can’t figure out what this means and constructive”, says one of the participating

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מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

“Amir” ended yesterday (Tue) with great success with over 1,000 students. It is צה”לי course for soldiers and soldiering son the Ethiopian army at the beginning of the service, and its main purpose is facilitating the integration of military service and their exhaustion and personal skills. The course began four years ago with the aim of finding a solution to the problem of assigning soldiers community members. Until then received members of the Ethiopian community boards aptitude test scores of the IDF, who reflected the potential
Their real and therefore came mostly to less attractive subjects.

“Success in tests does not necessarily view the chances of success in the military service,” explained NORAD trend, major Al-Ami _ empty, my parents. “We’re bringing them here to get to know them better, and to adapt them roles that suited them.

“Emir” takes place at the base of oak trees near Karmiel and lasts between four to seven
Intensive weeks. The course includes content and content associated with Zionism, heritage and history, taught by military personnel, as well as a series of lessons to develop thinking skills and learning strategies, personal empowerment and enhancing adaptation capabilities. These are delivered by the International Centre for the advancement of learning capacity-Feuerstein.

“Amir” company headquarters, Lieutenant bat-Chen Steinmetz, is the one behind the course management, and can take credit for the success. When she talks about the course you can see how much is dedicated to soldiers and to how important their success.
Obviously its context with campers and command post close, warm and personal. “Come here, soldiers each with his personal story and his character, telling Deputy Steinmetz. “The encounter with them always challenging and interesting. This course requires the staff to work with the military and civil institution, and to combine the two and make sure the interests of both bodies. This is hardly Basic, but crashes. It’s a privilege to be very little soldiers
In the IDF, and we try to clarify it, and let them understand the importance of the opportunity given to them.

Lieutenant Steinmetz emphasizes the importance of the course for the best of can ADA
Ethiopian: “because it’s not mandatory, we must produce high discipline.
The course helps soldiers witness of Ethiopia to reach the appropriate positions, as those who were unable to reach them on their own. According to statistics, somewhere along the way they had fallen: in interviews, assignment, sorts. Our goal is to prevent it by so that we create the conditions to map each soldier separately. It doesn’t in another class with quizzes, interviews and psychological evaluations, and with staff who are with 24 hours, simply can’t match any soldier what is best for him. “

Dor Alon

Photographer: Joe dirtor, IDF spokesperson

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  • Dor Alon

Is there anything to improve this course?

“That will continue. Should not end after five weeks in, but that will be an ongoing process for those soldiers who have gone through it and need more help down the road. “

“Give everyone the chance to exhaust the ability”

Corporal waddle in command, “Amir,” told about the course’s contribution and the opportunity it gives to the soldiers: “the course is challenging, satisfying and productive. He manages to educate soldiers and give each of them the opportunity to reach their maximum ability. ” Another highlighted the big change that soldiers go through during the course, and told for example that “had the chshagi was really not a soldier. The rude, didn’t wake up in time, without wanting to succeed. After a long process and has become a good soldier to soldier, limitless possibilities. I am so proud to see him today completes the course. After the holidays, heads out to OCs on her 1.

Private mark, Rachel graduated from the honors course, plugatit told about concerns she had before. “The course was surprising, and now the feeling.
In retrospect I realized we won so much and we have an advantage over everyone else. Acquired knowledge, discipline
And now I’m not a pipe, “she said. The next says Rachel “course is mandatory. It is impossible to understand how important and useful course until you pass it. ”
After the course yesterday (Tue), she waits impatiently for her reinstatement and hopes to be in the guard is


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