Dozens of transitions will be upgraded to advanced biometric technology

מעבר קלנדיה, היום. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The new system embedded within the project “a rolling stone” streamlines your
Process the entry of Palestinian to Israel. The immediate recognition of reducing clutter and improve
Conditions at crossings

תאריך: 13/08/2012, 17:47    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

New army project allows Palestinians to cross in a few
Seconds and effectively and seam line crossings in Gaza. The project, “a rolling stone”, a biometric technology only granted an advanced system that allows improvement in the texture of life. By the end of the year are expected about 60 upgrade transitions.

The new system streamlines the process of entry into Palestinian territory to Israel. Now, the quicker process – the resident let finger in, attach a smart card to authenticate the identity and the authenticated database chords immediately. All within seconds. So
You can reduce the load, reduce the friction between soldiers and Palestinian residents and improve the condition. Besides, are the bureaucrats if one resident forgot to bring others, since the information is stored in a secure database.
The number of terminals in each switch is determined by size, and move between three and eight biometric terminals. Thus, identification and authentication within seconds across multiple consoles reduce queues
At crossings.

“The technology transition, fast and efficient, especially.
This improves the texture of life is considered ‘ ל’סטרילי – cancel the contact between the resident soldier
The Palestinian people. In addition, because advances in technology transitions in Judea, Samaria and Gaza will be like any other international border advanced “, explained to the IDF website head” a rolling stone “teleprocessing, Lieutenant Colonel Miri Marciano,” in terms of cost/benefit ratio, the new system improved the level and higher benefits. The process had improved and was
Other dimensions of efficiency, safety and flow – now the transition really run. “

The project is estimated at a few hundreds of thousands of dollars that many advantages and place Israel among the first in the world to exploit the technology. In recent years there has been a technological leap in the field of biometrics (fingerprint identification). Airports around the world, including Ben Gurion Airport and crossings, so far in identification of Ms. The population was advantageous in labour is a significant part, when technology was not sensitive enough to work a finger.

However, in these areas and suggested solutions on the market more susceptible. According to Lieutenant Colonel Marciano, the sensors are more sensitive, more precise and resistant to dust and weather conditions for a long period of time – and low maintenance cost.
The biometric sensor can detect the fingerprint, hand, too and there is no need to identify the back Palm is considered to be less reliable.

“Back ID was the technology that resulted in the 2000s. However, in the last decade been significant progress and abilities of finger recognition they are simpler and have technological advantages. The most important thing is that we raise the confidence level that this is a positive identification of a person. Smart card authentication to biometric print leaves no room for space, “said Lt. Col. Marciano.

Although development within the army, but was used in hardware and equipment that exist today in the industry. A year ago began, in cooperation with the civil administration, in developing and implementing the program. 60 transitions in the separation fence and the Erez crossing were included in the project. The first was when experience and terminates after the success it was decided to expand to all crossings – big and small.

Translated from Hebrew